Do You Know What You Really Want?


You’re exhausted. Don’t lie. 
The LAST thing you want to do right now is something that will help grow your business. It’s SATURDAY night for goodness sake.

What is this? A motivational pep talk on a Saturday? 
Good grief woman, puhleeeese!. 
[I can hear you from here and I see those tired eyes rolling at me 🙄]

Oh, sorry I interrupted your flow. 
Ok. So you’re happy sitting scrolling Facebook?
Hanging with all the other Saturday scrollers?

Right, right… 
I forgot the weekends were strictly for being relaxed, hanging out with friends and I dunno… 
>>> escaping from your reality.

Gosh, imagine actually facing how life really is right now?

Mess in the kitchen, washing on the bed, business half arsed and hanging on till Monday when you make some tired sorry attempt at firing it up for the week. 
Then by Wednesday you’ll tell yourself, well.. there’s always next week. I’ll get it done next week.

- Not judging. totally been there.

There two things I've gotta say though...

First up... NOPE. I ain’t buying it. 
You either want it or you don’t.

I’m not saying you’ve gotta burn the Saturday midnight oil and sell your soul. 
But if you REALLY wanted it, you would make it a priority and be sitting here feeling content, not crushed.

And secondly, while we’re talking about that, what I was really wanting to say is,
Do you KNOW what you REALLY want?

Because maybe if you were working towards something that was what your soul really and truly desired this wouldn’t all feel so dismal.

The days could be full of what you desire them to be full of and you wouldn’t have to wait for Saturday to have fun (or collapse on the couch). 
You could build the business that frees you up. 
That does what you so desperately want it to do for you.

So.. pattern break with me for just a moment. 
The dog and surprise soldier reunion vids will be waiting when you return.

> Just do this ONE thing to build your business right now <

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