It's OK To Try Stuff And Fail, Over And Over Again

Quit the try hard routine already.

>> News Flash << No one is self made. 

Yep, you make the choices, and it’s ALL about how you respond to life,
But, I’ve realised there’s SO MUCH I don’t know, (and yet I know it all deep inside me - how does that even work?!)

So many days I just want to scream, 
Go Away!! All of YOU. 
Let me breathe and BE. 
I want to be successful and do it all by MYSELF. 
I KNOW what I KNOW inside of me already. 

😬Sometimes I hate that I owe SO much of who I am to others. 
But really, it’s not about that, because I’m so grateful when I settle the kettle for a minute. 

What it’s REALLY about is that I so badly want to prove I can. 
To show all those nay sayers they can’t touch me. 
To prove I have what it takes. 💪

Mmmm hmmm. 
Sound familiar?

Oh I’m sure you’re not as bad as me. 
I’m sure you can do it ALL yourself right?!

Lol. 😹
Girl. Take a load off. 
It’s OK to not know what you don’t know. 
It’s ok to put your hand up and ask a question. 👋
It’s fine to still be finding your way. 

And it’s so OK to mess it up along the way. 
To try stuff and fail, over and over again. 

THAT is what people will pay you for in the end. 
For the lessons you’ve learnt. 
For helping them solve those same problems. 
For the way you’ve come through it. 
For the honest truth of how you got where you’ve got, in business, in life, in love, in money, ALL of it. 

Just put your hand up when you’ve got a question. 
LEARN from others. 
Embrace and invest in the things that can move you forwards. 

It will still be YOUR success. 
It’s YOUR life.



Woo hooo!!! I LOVE it. 💕
Honestly my favourite thing to hear people say... UNTIL... 

They tell me what they’ve started doing and it’s NONE of the foundational money making essentials that are going to turn them into a wild success. 
*shakes head*

I’ll show you how to turn that idea into something concrete and tangible that WORKS [by which I mean.. gets you the dolla dolla bills girl!!]...
... instead of just another good idea that’s floating around that chaotic creative brain of yours, threatening to gobble up all your spare cash and leave you with the bitter taste of failure in your mouth. 

I'm renaming the course 😜 but here's what it's about.. 

I’ll teach you how you can build a creative business, around something you’re good at,
**while still honouring your art, the creativity and passion of what you do**

Take those deep breaths.. We won’t kill your creativity darling. We’ll just give it room to finally LIVE. 

Anyone can have a good idea and a lot of skill but it takes more than that to make life changing amounts of money off it. 
I’m sure you know plenty of people, just like you. who are amazing at some particular skill - music, baking, writing, helping people - but still living paycheck to paycheck. 

You’re busy worrying about how to pay rent, dreaming of maybe one day buying your own home but it all just feels so far away. 
💹💹💹There’s bills to pay every week, gas to put in the car, food to buy and so you’re still in that soul sucking 9-5. 

Or you’ve stretched out and tried to do something you’re passionate about and it’s just not turning into the successful money maker you’re dreaming it could be. 
Every week feels like walking through quicksand, slogging it out, holding onto the dream by your fingernails and you can hear the murmurs of your friends in the background about how you can’t turn - THAT - into a real job. 
[Because, I mean, REALLY, who do you think you are? Right?]

Want to know why you’re stuck here?
⚡️>> Because you missed a step << ⚡️

You know cause you have that lurching feeling. 
That gut dropping ‘oh oh’ feeling.
The doubt about how you could turn this into something that supports you and brings you joy everyday. 

Girl, you skipped the basic foundational things that are the difference between being a delusional dreamer and a raving success. 💃 I know it’s so easy to do. 

The things like: 
❗️How to check if your big idea has the potential to make the amount of money you need to live and do all the big things you’re dreaming about, (like the generous giving, the holidays, the studio, raising the family) 
❗️How to get your product, your service, your big idea, to the people who need it (and can PAY you!). 
❗️How to understand the basic financials enough so that you don’t undercharge - rookie mistake. 
❗️How to stop sabotaging yourself and procrastinating on the money making tasks you NEED to get done. (Tip - They’re probably not the ones you think they are! And no, doing them won’t crush your creative spirit to do them!)
❗️How to cover your taxes so you don’t get hit with a massive bill at the end of the year which wipes out any profit you make. 
❗️How to manage your time so you don’t wind up in a creative anxious frenzy, ignoring and losing the relationships that matter the most to you along the way. 

I want, [and you know you do to], for you to go from being a wild wide eyed idea machine who’s secretly wondering if she’s going to fall to bits, with no money or friends left, because she’s been so wrapped up in the ‘idea’ and forgotten the essentials along the way...

To being a rock solid business woman. 
One who knows how to
- do the tasks that make cash, 
- manage your time so you’re doing the FUN things too instead of all the grind, 
- have great relationships that make your heart sing, 
- and continue to build on your $$ success every month with all the creativity and chaos that makes you who you are!. 

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