A Better Business, A Better Life, A Better World, Begins Inside Of You


I am what feels like 49 youtube clips deep, delving into what makes a spirit stronger, a soul more authentic. 
It’s a tangled web but one I am drawn to, over and over again. One that I cannot deny shapes our lives and businesses like no other. 

I'm asking again, level by level...
🤔 How do you lay aside, all your prejudice, the thinking that has shaped you, and hear the deep cry, spirit to spirit?
🤔 How do you know, when you’ve truly found your way home?
🤔 What does your best life look like? 
🤔 How do we make space for the turning of time and culture to build our best world?

There's a paradox, when you know that confidence is an inside job,
but you need to express that something new outwardly so it can settle down on the inside of you. 

Does it happen inside or outside first, or do both come together in a beautiful cosmic collision with divine timing?

🌱And in this process of being ‘better’ do we sometimes look worse?
🌱Tangled even, exposing our own contradictions and vulnerabilities. 

What I KNOW is that if you want to build a better business you undoubtedly have to build a better YOU. 

Not better in anyone else's eyes but a YOU that is more YOU than you’ve ever been before. 

Not in a try hard kind of way. 
But in a deeply settled and yet still vulnerable way. 

You may lose people on your path. 
But I guarantee you’ll find friends who’s loyalty runs deeper than you ever believed possible. 💕

You will walk away from great things you’ve built. 
Empires even. 
And never have been more proud of something so new that you’ve set your hand to. 

> If authenticity is the new black, 
> If self expression is business 101
> If success is in the moments of real. 

Where are you now? 💫

Can you locate yourself?
Can you locate what your best life even looks like?
Does your soul know the way home?

I know, that’s a lot of questions and things to consider but let me break it down for you. 

A BETTER business, a better life, a better world, begins INSIDE of you. 🌟

With an exploration of your heart. 
An opening of your spirit. 
A trusting of your soul. 

Start there my friend. 
Start there. 


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