Don't Be The One Who Regrets They Never Pushed Go

YOU are not a delicate flower. 
You are not someone who needs protecting and keeping safe or hand holding. 

You are the star. 
The sun and the moon all at once. 

You shine every which way and you don’t even know how bright you are. 
Or maybe you do. 
Maybe you really DO know underneath but you’ve got used to playing it cool. 
Dumbing it down. Staying within the lines. 

It’s your time to push out. 
Less paint by numbers, more colour your life. 

Freedom stretching and growing bigger, larger by the minute. 
YOU get to decide what your life looks like. 

That big idea you have. You get to choose to do it if you want to. 
Get to give it a go. Embrace the risk and reward of it. 

Or, you can stay where you are. 
Picket fence, 2.5 kids, one glass of wine on Fridays, predictable job, average pay, apply for leave, holiday once a year. 

Oh lordy. How boring. 
I can’t think of anything worse. 

But if that’s you and you’re happy, as you were. 
Scroll on, this is not the post for you. 

But YOU. You, the one still somehow drawn to the truth in this. 
YOU get to choose. 

I know you’ve got skills. 
And it’s time you DID something with them that YOU want to do. 

Not what’s expected and suitable. 
But something magnificent. 

But you have to START.
Dare to SEE it. 

I know once you do, nothing will stop you. 
I know once you catch it, you will be one of the ones who rises to the top, unstoppable.
But right now, all the things you have to do are getting in the way.
You’re letting all the regular life, the what if and maybe’s crowd out the thing that is in your heart to do. 

Don’t be that person. 
The one who was too scared to step out. 
The one who regrets they never pushed go.

Start that thing and make it great. 
It’s available for you. 
Design the life you want.