There Is Change You Have To Negotiate


I said to Evan today - "You know what? I just think some people will literally never make it to where they want to go! 

They talk a big game but they will never embrace the risks, the stretch, the growth that is required to BE at the level they want to be". 

I’m not even talking about my idea of what I can see for them. 
I mean that they will never embrace the risks, the stretch, the growth that is required to BE where ---> 

---> they themselves say that they want to be!

They will double back, doubt themselves, make excuses and create drama in their own life to avoid doing the work that would take them there. 

Maybe it’s personality, social conditioning, opportunity, internal drive. 

I don’t know exactly but I’m beginning to believe more and more, it’s about the power of decision and thought. 

Because grace and the goodness of others aside, what are you deciding matters to you?

How can one person walk into a session with a counsellor, a coach, a consultant and walk out ready to change what they’re battling with, and others pay lip service then walk out and do nothing. 

What I’ve learnt and continue to learn is that It’s less about what your life looks like out there, and more about what you’re willing to embrace inside. 

**The options are either, grow, stretch and BECOME the person you want to be...
Or stay where you are** 

If you won’t do the growing bit then you better get genuinely happy and comfortable with status quo. 
No judgement here if that’s what you want but the truth is, nothing’s changing without growth. 

So if you’re NOT happy with status quo and don’t like how life is right now then the other option that’s left is hella frustrating. 

Trapped, stuck, frustrated, repeat. 

Both options have a level of pain associated with them but I sure don’t want the second kind of pain. 
I would much rather reach out, stretch and embrace growth. Even when it hurts. 

Even when you don’t find the ease and flow bit yet but you hold on to the truth of what you believe is coming. 
You hold the faith that a new dawn rises and you will rise with it. 
Grower brighter and brighter like the break of day. 

Then suddenly, one day you realise you HAVE stretched out. 
Enlarged your dwelling space. 
Made room for something new and expanded the territory of your life. 

There is work you have to do to get there. 
Honest, confronting, truth seeking work. 

There is a commitment you have to make. 
To the growth of yourself. To honest, imperfect action. 
To not being right all the time but continuing anyway.

There is change you have to negotiate. 
Messy, exhilarating, confusing newness. 

You have to decide you’re that one. 
The one that makes it. 
Who refuses to accept normal. 
Continues in to every new realm that is waiting for you. 
Eyes fixed, heart sure, mind ready. 

THAT is a choice. 
That is a life by design.