Design Your life. It May Be The Most Important Work You Ever Do.

I once met a women who was brave enough to call me out, without hardly saying a word to begin with. 

She terrified me and intrigued me. 

After a few years of running into her, and running away internally, through art therapy and as a counsellor she walked me through the shifting of my mind. 
During sickness and freedom finding she infused me with faith for a different outcome.
She created space for me to grow. Called out the bigger things. 

She was unashamedly herself. 
In her sharing and being she created space for me. 

Ever since I did the deep work with her to unpack who I am, the work of finding space to let who I am find a home in me, a work that continues to evolve, I have wanted a studio. 

The internal creative space has called out for a physical one. A space where I could create with abandon. To work on large scale art. To explore new processes and do the deep work that I know is calling out for size and layers. 

The last few weeks have been a beautiful medley of visitors, journaling and painting. 

>> In my studio. 

While it's still half building storage, more and more, our old house is becoming my studio. 

There's been no hair do's, no makeup. 
Raw and untamed. 

It has been hot. 
I have painted until I'm dripping with sweat and my muscles are sore the next day. 

I have mixed colours and created things I thought I loved, only to paint over them and go again. 

I have discovered more about who I am for this new year simply through the process of trusting myself to put colour on the canvas. 

This is the art of business. 
The art of life. 

Do you trust what is in you?
Can you lay aside everyones opinions about how your life looks?
Can you be brave enough to start again, or to start at all?
Can you share truthfully from a place of just being?

You will never know who's turning point is on the other side of you being fully 100% yourself. 
What you will unlock by simply doing what you do. 

Find space. Design your life. 
It may be the most important work you ever do.