Find YOUR Risk And Lean In


Peoples idea of risk is messed up. 
If you want to get to the end result, it takes more than just moving country, dropping your degree, investing large sums of money or exposing your truth to all who care to listen. 

Yes, You gotta be willing to risk what other people think about you. 
You gotta risk falling on your face. 
You gotta risk speaking your mind and changing it. 
You gotta risk all the normals, should's and have to do's. 
Sometimes you gotta risk people and money and your entire future. 

But we're all so keen to get a fast win these days. 
We think it means total flipping of life as we know it. 

Wanting everything to pop out ready made, simple, easy peasy, like this life thing doesn't require some growth and uncomfortable edges along the PROCESS, not just in the big impressive end result.
Acting like it doesn't require some uncomfortable risk on the daily. 

Your edge and your risk, that's where your reward is. 
True true true. 

I always used to think that kind of risk meant pumping things out hard and fast. Getting it all done right now. 
Turns out this year that my edge is a little more subtle than I first thought. but it feels like some of the biggest risks I've ever taken. 

The risk is that taking my time, diligently holding my course, choosing that peace and gentle re alignment everyday is enough to get it done. 
It's a certainly about my NO at a level I haven't had before. 

Letting go of things I've held onto that are no longer required. 
Holding firmly to a new standard and raising my expectations. 
Trusting that the result is in the art of it all. 

Your risk may be like mine. That as you prune, as you cut away, as you go deeper into alignment, trust and total surrender to your call, that it will be enough. 

You are enough. 
The dream in you is enough. 
The call on you is enough. 

Even when it looks hidden. 
Even when it looks too simple. 
Even when it looks subtle. 

Don't underestimate what can happen this year as you gently, firmly, non negotiably shift your edge. 

In 2019 you will sharpen it. Hone it. 
>> If you are willing. 

Many will not be. 
They will want the glory days and gussy up their life so it looks like they've got it before they have really got it inside. 

But fortune favours the brave. 
And sometimes the bravest of them all are the ones willing to do the deep work. 
To take an uncertain but divinely guided path, one foot in front of the other. 

As you do, you will make your edge strong and sure and razored.
You will cut through all the crap that would threaten to pile up around you and distract you. 

Find YOUR risk and lean in.