A Life By Design Is Possible

YOUR LIFE IS A PARADOX... Waiting for you and moving on regardless, so you better make some decisions about what you're gonna do with it. 

There’s a gnarly paradox that you can be at peace with where your life is right now, and still want more. 

That you can want to grow and BE a higher version of yourself and still let who you are find a home in you. 

You can live with kindness as your highest goal and not tolerate some people. 

That you can be opinionated and still open to learn.

Designing your life is about intention and action. 
Knowing what you want and simultaneously working from where and who you are now, into where and who you want to be. 

There are so many damn experts out there. 
I’m aware I probably sound like I want to be one. 

But really, I’m an addict. 
I’m addicted to seeing your transformation. 
I’m addicted to helping people like you, who are ready for their new thing, to get started on it. 
To lay aside the stories that hold them back and dive heard first into their own beautiful paradox. 

Truth is.. I’m not an expert on you. You are. 
But I can show you where I’ve been and what I’ve learnt.  
I can show you how possible it is to transform your life and redesign it. 

I can show you the big shifts that happened to take me from sick, stuck and frustrated, to living a life that I am more and more in love with everyday. 

One where I get to run a pumping business, build my dream house, fall back in love with my husband, explore the world, raise smart, creative kids and be more relaxed and at peace with who I am than ever before.

Is it perfect?. No. 
And anyone who tries to convince you that their life is needs a straight slap for lying. 
Because whatever level you’re living at, life happens and we all have stuff that doesn’t look Insta pretty. 

But a life by design is possible. 

Every day I think to myself, this life is a dream. 
It’s more than I ever knew it could be and there’s still more to come. 

It feels Wild. Expansive. Free. 
It feels like all the things I’ve dreamed about coming together. 
It feels like dancing cheek to cheek with purpose and destiny. 

If you’re open, it’s all there waiting. 
But time is moving by and only the brave will ever know. 

If you’re willing to step into the unknown, it’s possible.

It is a life by design and it’s waiting for you. 
Don't make it wait too long.