Yes, You Need Someone To Stand With You

>> You don’t need all that crap and someones fancy formulas to design your life <<

I downloaded something this morning out of curiosity and I felt an immediate repulsion. 
Team, you DO NOT NEED someone’s 6 step formula on how to live out your calling. 

If you are a driven and creative individual, you need a cheerleader and an ass kicker next to you, not a mamby pamby box ticker who wants you to do their special programme. 

This life is not a tick the boxes kind of event people. 

You, who you are, what you’re made to do, the way you’re designed to impact the world DOES NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS!

You can follow every big name celebrity, coach, business owner and follow what they say word for word and —> still fall flat on your face. 

- Don’t like Instagram - Don’t use it. 
- Don’t like writing and would rather post pictures - Do that. 
- Want more face to face time instead of online work - Make that your focus. 
- Want to leave it all behind and start fresh? - Go, now!. 
- Keen to have a part time job and a side hustle while you get going - Fine, it’s YOUR call. 

Just quit worrying about how anyone else tells you to run your business or life. 

Find people who are passionately devoted to helping you be more YOU than you’ve ever been before. 

Unwrap the gift that is all your unique ability and go change the world with THAT, not some carbon copy version of somebody else's formula. 

Every time I meet with clients, I have a picture in the back of my mind of what we can work through to get you where you want to be but ultimately, I am guided by what is happening in YOU. 

✨ Every ‘process’ I have is about drawing out the dream and knowing in you ✨

I know this devotion to your unique path works because it’s how I’ve co-created everything in my wild and beautiful life right now. 💃
It’s what works for my clients regardless of their specific skills and abilities. 
Success looks like something different for every single one of them and they get there in 100 different ways. 

What are the things that YOU need to uncover to be who you want to be?
What is it about your version of stuck and frustrated that is leading you into the life you dream of?

Yes, you need someone to stand with you. 
To ask you the questions. 
To challenge your thinking and your status quo stories. 

But they should be the biggest cheerleader of what’s already in you, waiting to break free, not someone trying to stuff their 6 step formula at you. 

They should be someone who can bring their experience to the table then leave space for you to take what you need to transform. 

I want you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before. 
To start a business or project that brings you the money, impact and freedom you’re dreaming about. 

So quit the drama about how you’ve tried before and it didn’t work. 
How you’ve got this successful career and you couldn’t possibly leave that all behind because you know how to work that corporate system. 
How it might work for them but it can’t work for you. 

No one else's system will EVER work for you if you want to live an aligned and uniquely designed life.
What you need to do is START your thing. 

That’s what I help people do. 
I help them get started designing the life and business they’re dreaming of, so they can have the money, impact and freedom they are born for. 

If you’re ready, message me and I’ll get you details on how I can help you create the 2019 you're waiting for.