I'm So Excited For The Transformation You Can Step Into!


Y know how you go and get your car wheels aligned and if they're wonky they wreck your fuel efficiency, your tire tread and all that? (Ok, well I don't really know much about that but dad told me about it once so I guess it's true!)

Well, in business, it only takes one client who drives you bananas to make you feel like you've run off course and wear you down. 

I have become ruthless lately about who I will work with as new 1:1 clients. 
I would rather NOT take a client and have my peace of mind than take someone who is going to suck the life out of me and not make the changes in their life. 

But oh my, when you get it right and they're coming in the door exactly like you love them.. nothing beats that feeling. 
And this month they are rolling up like 'hey soul sister, I'm here!' 

I have clients that are 18, clients that are 48. 
I have clients who are male and clients who are female.
They're different nationalities and personalities. 
Some with no business and a good idea. 
Some with a business and they're all run out of ideas. 

Most of them are not really like me but you know what they all are?

🔥 Driven. 
🔥 Committed to growth. 
🔥 Looking for new horizons.

They're ready to live intentionally and design their lives to step into the new level of the money, impact and freedom they're dreaming of. 

Which I guess is exactly like me in those ways!. 

And guess what?
>> I'm really good at taking them there. 

I just had someone message today who jumped on a FREE laser coaching session we did over in my business group to tell me that one idea I came up with and we worked on during a 20-minute chat, has resulted in a SOLD OUT programme for her.

Guys thats $$ in her pocket but also it was such a highly aligned offer she put out that she LOVES doing it. 

So.. jump on this new offer of mine today if you're ready for some shifting and shaking. 

It's insanely priced but I'm feeling pumped about it and it feels like the whole new level of ease that I'm stepping into myself as well. 

I'm gonna have those low priced or high priced options, just so long as they're priced from my soul!!

2 more spaces for this were taken by midday today so get in quick. I've capped it and I'm NOT going over and opening it wider for this one. 

I'm so excited for the transformation you can step into!