Who Are You Designed To Be And How Do You Trust That Design?

Well, it's true that not everyone gets to work from a hammock in spain, but is ease and flow really so unrealistic? 

I can see how people think this but here’s why I fully 100% believe in it and that it's available for you. ✨

Firstly, I live for the unrealistic dreams [and most of my clients are the dreamers who believe they get to have it all too!]. 

I don’t want the boring ass same-same that the world tells me is what I can have anyway. If it’s unrealistic, I’m totally up for it! 😃

So, no, the rest of the world don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t have. But.. that’s a whole other point to what I came here to say really. 

🙌 My main reason I believe in ease and flow is this. 

I spent 10+ years hustling my ass off. 
Pushing pushing pushing, past chronic illness to the point of complete depletion and I was wearing a mask ALL the time. 

I didn’t know that you could just BE. 

And in that BEING, the answers would come through about what you needed to DO. 

>> Being should always proceed doing 👊

THEN for sure the work happens. 
It still takes grit and determination and commitment but what it DOESN'T take is punishing yourself to get there. 

If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either. 

— > Ok wait, did you get that ⁉️

[ If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either ] 

What the hell are you going to do with yourself when you’ve built that business that only takes you 4-6hrs a week to run and spits out those nice round fat multiple 6 and 7 figure dollar figures that everyone seems to be chasing? 

💕 Will you love you then? 

Because I can promise you, the dollars are great, they’re a tool and they help but they don’t fix the knawing feeling inside about WHO YOU ARE.

🏃🏼‍♀️If you can’t make peace with that, you will always be running, always covering up, always hiding things and trying to look oh so put together but dying a little more inside. 

So yes, it’s a popular term right now but it fully describes how I believe you get to work when you strip back all the layers. 

I’m on a continuing evolution to understand this more and more but I know that this work is transformational. 
Dropping the have to’s and the should’s about what your life looks like and giving yourself the space to BE who you’re designed to be. 

✅ We will talk about the ‘work’ that’s required, we will get practical, but more than all of that the next 4 weeks of training in ‘Ease and Flow’ are designed to help you get back to the truth of it all. 

✨ Who are you designed to be and how do you trust that design?. 

✨ How do you rest and trust and stand in your purpose without the surrounding stress, when you’re a driven soul who always wants MORE?

✨ How do you build a business that allows you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before?

I realised last night that this is possibly one of THE most transformational pieces of work that I have done in my life. 

The processing from:
masked > broken > resting > standing > expressing 

I am SO excited to share this learning with you. 

Honestly I can’t hardly wait!

There are 5 beautiful souls joining me so far to take this journey and I think you need to come along. 

We start on Friday and I would LOVE to have you with us.

It’s time to step into your purpose and embrace all the BEING that leads to your very own Ease and Flow. 
(Which btw, always leads to the other things you’re seeking - the dollars, impact and freedom to live how you please of course!)