Do One Thing Today That Moves Your Life Forward In The Direction You Want To Go 


If you have a dream, a plan, a goal, and someone tell's you it can’t be done... 

You need to make this hard and fast decision. 

>> Will you, or will you not entertain what they are saying and allow those words to sit in your subconscious?

I’m all for the fact that there is wisdom in having advisors, but there is a huge difference between going to someone with an open mind to ask for their input and someone just dumping their own projections onto you. 

Two very different things. 

When you go to someone to get feedback on what you’re doing, to get coaching, mentoring or some good old fashioned neighbourly advice, you should come away from that connection feeling like, even if you’ve changed your method slightly or things have adjusted a little, you are full of hope for the future.

VERY different to someone simply telling you it can’t be done and leaving it at that. 
No forward plan, no helpful extra advice, no belief in even the possibility. 

That is just them, bringing their own fears and views into play. 
YOU are the only one who can decide if those words and their fears become your truth. 
You get to decide if you believe that who you are is enough.
Yes, you might have things to learn but you are going to do it. 

That family who love you but get in the little digs about how somethings not going to work. 
- You choose if you’re going to take that on and make it your story. 

Those colleagues who tell you the market is saturated and you’ll never find your blue ocean. 
- You decide if you want that to be your reality. 

The voice from the past that lingers of how someone spoke to you growing up. 
- You choose if you’re going to allow that to continue to have power over you. 

Business is easy. You can google how to do things. 
What’s hard is sifting through the layers of stories and words in your head. 

But remember - YOU design your life. 
Start by choosing who you’re going to listen to.
Drown out those words by creating a practice of building yourself up. Whatever it takes for you. 
Journaling, meditation, prayer, exercise.

Start by making a plan that helps you live with ease and flow, comfortable with who you are. 
Let who you are, find a home in you. Leverage your strengths and make a plan that plays to your zone of genius. 

Start now. 
Seriously, just start. 
You’ve got to stop telling stories about why you haven’t done what you know needs to be done. 
If you don’t keep moving you will fulfil their prophecies. 

Choose to start. 
Do ONE thing today, that moves your life forward in the direction you want to go. 
Live intentionally, a life by design. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. 
You can do it with ease and flow. 
Start now.