Let’s Design Your Life, The Way You Want It

Designing your life doesn’t look the same for everyone. 


But I can give you the foundations of how to build a life by design and the tools to make it happen YOUR way.  🙌

Asking for a formula for life though, well It’s like going to an abstract artist and saying - I want you to paint me an exact replica of that insane abstract picture you did once before.  
It’s impossible. 

But what is possible is to capture the same feeling. 
The same spirit of freedom and wildness. 

What I do with clients is not the same thing from one person to another. Yes I have a framework but within it, I don’t know what’s going to happen exactly until you front and we actually start unpacking what’s going on. 

>> The mum who’s been out of her working world and is ready to start something new is wildly different to the 49 year old man who’s been working climbing the corporate ladder the whole time. 

Both have skills that can be translated into their new dream life but how we get there is going to look different for each of them. They each have their own stories and things that hold them back from believing it’s possible that we need to uncover. 

💕 Learning to truly listen to the whisper of your soul is an art, not a science. 

So don’t come to me if you want a business in a box or a look-a-like life. 

✨Come see me if you’re ready for building something different. 
✨Something risky even. 
✨Something that is a little wild and not quite formed but it’s bubbling in you. 
✨You’re not sure if you can pull it off but you’re ready to give it a shot. 

I will help you get started. 
I will help you find your way through the tangle of thoughts and emotions about what is possible. 
Then I’ll point you in the direction of practical tools you can use to build this new thing. 
Show you how to create something that sets your soul on fire. 

I won't stoop so low as to give you the same formula as everyone else. 
Let’s design YOUR life. 
The way YOU want it.