Do One Thing Different Today And Change The Pattern Of ‘Stuck'

UNIVERSITY WON’T SAVE YOU... and other things I'll teach my kids. 

I’m on the irregular side of the regular fence here guys, much like I am with having a 9-5 job, vaccination, my views on church, parenting and schooling techniques and a number of other expected niceties. 

👉 and I think you know it's time for you to do a rethink on some of it too.

You hear all the noise too right? The big talk about how everyone is doing it the ‘right’ way, but I just don’t buy it. 

Not to say I don’t think there’s a benefit in all those things, but I don’t intend on just playing the straight line with them 

This is what I mean when I say that University won’t save you. 
It can be of great benefit but I see a bunch of people getting tied up with $50-$100K of debt and they’re no closer to living out their passion or purpose. 

ANYTHING without intention and consideration is a big fat waste of time. 

Here’s what I will be telling my kids. 

👉 DON’T go to university, unless you KNOW what you’re passionate about and what you think you want to do with your life. 

👉 DON’T vaccinate your kids, until you’ve read about the protocols around it and how it works. 

👉 DON’T go to church if you’re gonna sit there and pay lip service to something. Mean it in your heart if you’re gonna do it. 

👉 DON’T send your kids to regular school if you’re not happy with the options available. Always look for alternatives if you feel uneasy. 

Then and only then, DO!!. 

🔥 DO out of intention. 
🔥 Out of passion and belief. 
🔥 Out of trust and exploration into the truth. 

I see people who’ve spent YEARS trapped in the things they thought they SHOULD do, only to step back and realise they don’t know why they’re doing what they do. 

It eats at their soul and suddenly they’re part way through something and feel like they’ve wasted years. 
>> Don’t do that to yourself. 

This one life. It’s small. Tiny in the scale of an eternal reality. 

Live it large. Wide awake and dreaming. 

Here’s my challenge. If you find yourself stuck in something that you have no heart for.
DON’T stay stuck there. DO one thing different today. 

It might not be time for you to quit your job or leave uni or pull your kids out of school, but you can still START. 
Start by considering what it is you’re doing. 

Examine your motives. 
Investigate what you want your life to look like so you actually know what you’re heading towards. 

Then simply do ONE THING DIFFERENT today and change the pattern of ‘stuck’. 
Commit to living differently and letting your soul find the way home.