Find A Way That Works For You 

>> You can run and try to fix yourself, to get yourself looking all professional and clever but if you don’t let who you are find a home in you people will see right through you. 

I just wish I could go back and tell my 20yr old self some truths about this. 👆

It’s been a sprint and pause kind of month. 

Who am I kidding, I have a sprint and pause kind of LIFE!!

Learning to embrace this about who I am and how I work has been one of the most valuable things I’ve learnt about myself. 

Learning that it’s your passion and energy that will create mighty things, but it will crush you if you don’t learn the value of the pause. 

Back then I spent a lot of years working for a big church and non profit and there were things on EVERY night. 

I mean EVERY night. 

Which is fine. I think it’s great that they do so many excellent things. 

But the HUSTLE of that time of my life was endless, because I didn’t know how to draw the lines for myself. 

It would take some pretty serious illness for me to not show up at something I was supposed to be helping with. 

I went to an event when I had a 6 day old baby for goodness sake!!

That wasn’t their fault. It was mine. 

I didn’t want to be seen to slack off, to not be committed, to not get it right. 

I found my value in doing and struggled with BEING. 

Struggled with BEING because I didn’t know WHO I was supposed to be BEING! 🙄

It’s easy to find reasons why you need to hustle. To cover up, to distract yourself, to keep up appearances. 

There’s also plenty of inspiration these days to take it slow, which frankly sometimes I think people use to avoid doing the REAL soul work they know is theirs to do, but they’re running from it. 

The real living is between the two. 

In beautiful alignment.
Resting between truth and grace. 

Knowing yourself, knowing what you require and allowing space for each. 

Quit worrying about the hustle gurus. The zen gurus. 

Find a way that works for YOU. 

The way that’s perfectly aligned for your call. 
Then go do that!