Let's Talk About How You're Going To Get There

You can make the money and give the money and be the girl. 

/ THE girl who doesn’t care what everyone thinks anymore and chases her dream. 
/ THE girl who builds a business that changes peoples lives. 
/ THE girl who loves deeper than she thought was possible. 
/ THE girl who comes HOME to herself. 
(Or guy perhaps in your case gentlemen 😉)

I know because I’ve become it and I lead my clients into it. 

Honestly, I’ve been hustling this last month (which I love btw) but also having to remind myself to honour what my body and soul need's to maintain this level of FABULOUS!

There is SO much going on behind the scenes here that I can't share just yet but I'm SO excited for it all and yet...

>> I know the pain.

The pain of being back where I used to be.
Not knowing how the heck I was going to turn what I loved into work and money and clients. Of craving freedom. 

Thing is, now I've got clients who are ditching normal after we work together and I am SO amped for what they're creating as they do. 
Their DREAM lives and businesses.

Driven big thinkers taking those ideas they've had for years down off the shelf and dusting them off.
Together we are bringing big things to life.

> Finally seeing how their desires to have a business that helps people and still take a day a week or more off to spend doing things they love is possible.

**insert whoops of joy as they take days to ride horses, have coffee with their gals, play golf, do more yoga and take weekend getaways. 

> Breaking open new areas of their businesses and entire new pools of clients who are ready to buy from them, because they’ve figured out WHO and HOW they really help for real this time. 

And it feels SO damn good to know they’re doing what they were BORN to do. 

> Making plans to finally leave their regular jobs after YEARS of struggle.

**goodbye awkward convo’s with colleagues who just don’t get you and your dreams for MORE. 

> More time with their kids cause they're putting support systems in place for their business - finally.

> Less hustle but more actual work being done and money coming in. Always welcome!

But do you know my favourite thing?

💕 They are coming home to themselves.

Dropping the worry about the shoulds and have to's.

Owning who they are and confidently stepping into their dreams.

They are coming in ready to do the work. Sick of their own excuses.

They're turning all their drivenness into money, impact and freedom > In a way they LOVE.

So, I’m saying all this is to inspire you that YOU TOO can move past the pain of normal.

And also to issue a quick PSA about a price shift. 
I want to serve my 1:1 client to the best of my ability and to do that I need to not be spread quite as thin as I have been.

If you want to work 1:1 with me, lock it in now cause I'm going to a new level of owning the work I do and charging accordingly in May.

If you're ready to leave the soul sucking pain of normal behind, I'm here for your growth.
I love your drive and dreams to be more. Let's talk about how you're going to get there.