Sometimes We All Need Someone To Walk Along Side Us


Example > I don’t vibe with the label of coach. I just don't.

Some people do and that’s fine for them, but let’s be honest, it’s an unregulated industry. ANYBODY can say they’re a coach right now. 
AND YET, I have hired and will continue to hire coaches, to the tune of many thousands of dollars and I don’t regret it.

In many way's I operate as one myself when I help people with designing their lives and businesses, but I just don’t love the word right now.

>> Kind of in the same way I don’t like the word christian.

Like, yes, that’s the foundation of my childhood faith and my spirituality but there’s so many lame ones out there who don’t walk their talk that have given it a bad name. 
Myself and many others I know have come up against the idea of ‘church’ and found it lacking.

Yet I find myself walking through the doors.
Sucker for punishment maybe?

Or maybe it’s not about the label. 
Maybe it’s about what’s in ME and what's in YOU.

YOU get to take responsibility for what you need and how you’re gonna get it. 
And you’ve been given a BRAIN to use in your pursuit of what you need and believe.

So use it wisely. Make solid choices. Don’t just go along with the say so.

Don’t just take what you’re given and slurp it down like a baby on milk. 
Get some teeth. Work your jaw out. Find the food you need to sustain your soul.

If you are not happy with a label, or your life, or a relationship, DO the work!
The work of creating something better.

Do the work to find people who can help move you forward and restore your belief in the goodness of life. 
People who can motivate you and provoke you in the right way.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt about getting a coach or a business mentor or a therapist is that I’m not looking for someone to do the work for me.

I accept that it is work that I get to do, and yes, I could google the information or apply myself to study it and get by without one. 
Plenty of times when I’ve just grit my teeth and done the hard yards by myself.

But what I’m looking for is someone who has the experience, the skills, the energy and the drive to help me come back home to myself and what I know to be real.

We need different people for different things at different times of our life. 
Sometimes we don’t need anyone at all.

Sometimes we all need someone to walk along side us.
To call us on our blindspots. To ask us the hard questions. 
To inspire us to go higher.

Maybe you can get that from a friend or dr google. Good for you. 
But maybe you want a human who’s done what you want to do. 
Ditched normal in pursuit of running businesses and having a life that she loves. 
👍In which case, hit me up.

I may or may not ‘coach’ you, but I sure as heck will provoke you to think bigger. 
Challenge you to leave all the regular, should’s and have to’s behind. 
Motivate you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before. 
Help you map a path forward into the life and business you’re dreaming of.