Why Would You Be Content With Something That Is Not The Dream?

You probably need a kick up the bum. 
- I know I did.

Thing is if you’re driven like me you can make things look pretty sweet on the outside.
Make it look successful. People think you’re doing great.
When really you know you’re operating at half throttle.

What you’re born for is not a close enough, kind of life.
YOU are designed for the wild spaces.
The places people tell you are TOO MUCH.
That's the bit where you come to life.

But thing is, I know you will only expand in your life and business as far as you’re willing to go in your heart and mind first.
It’s the same, across EVERY area, with every client I’ve worked with.

Don’t believe it in their head = not gonna happen.
Don’t know how but have a deep conviction there is more for them = success every time.

It’s very easy to get complacent about the work you need to do in your heart and mind.
It takes decision EVERY SINGLE DAY to go there.
To CHOOSE growth.
To alter your patterns of thinking.

Build in the practice.
Get up earlier.
Make space in your day for it however you need to.

Meditate, Pray, Read, Write, Paint, Create.
WHATEVER it takes - make the space.

Honestly, I slacked off for a while.
Had a business that was ‘close enough’.
Had some clients that were ‘close enough’.

Bleeughh. It felt so stale.
So average and ick feeling.
I find it off-putting even to think about.

Why would you SETTLE?
Why would you be content with something that is not the DREAM?
I’m not talking about someone else's idea of success.
I mean, why would you settle for something less than what you KNOW you’re designed for?

So if you’re cruising on your weekend, enjoy that.
Live it passionately, fully and intentionally.

But remember to get back up and take names again.
Because close enough is not good enough for all the greatness that’s inside of YOU.