To The Money, Freedom And Impact You're Dreaming Of


🔥 Collaboration ya'll. It's the real deal!

I can't even sell you on it cause we've closed the doors but I'm too excited not to share because I want you to see what is possible!!

My biz bestie and I have been cooking up a treat for the women in our various groups and I am amazed at how much we complement each other's strengths. 

This week, well it's been a double for your trouble, divine abundance kind of thing going on. We are both playing to our strengths and the deep soulful knowing I always talk about and boy does it show. 

We initially aimed to take in just 50 women to our new membership and the applications came in so thick and fast that over the course of the last week we've welcomed over 500 women into our new platform!

I literally have not had time to think about sharing this here on my own page cause I've been so loving working with Natalya Amanda Purchase and bringing this baby to life. 

Two days till actual launch and we are putting the finishing touches on a health and mindset membership that is set to blow the boots of those stodgy old 'diet' systems and help women break free from the chains of comparison, self loathing and constant yo-yo'ing. 

This platform is about soul work that turns into body work. 
It's mindset work that turns into movement. 🙌

It's what I wish I'd had as love and support around me as I battled through my own body images issues and years of binge and purge style disordered eating. 

It's what Natalya knows works for herself and the women she serves to get fit and free and is an overflow of the amazing work that's already happening.

🙌 It does all the things I talk to my clients about. 
- Meets a need or desire, solves a problem
- HELPS people. 

🙌 We have used the same process I talk to my 1:1 clients about.
- Check in with your soul, Is this work you want to spend your time on?
- Check in with your market, Do they really want this?

Guys I don't just talk about getting started. 
>> THIS is what what I can't help but DO. 
It's the work that MUST come out of me. 

I help people get started. 
I help them unlock the destiny they know is theirs for the taking. Soulfully and practically. 

So when I tell you that I have 1:1 spots available and I can help coach you through getting something started, you need to know... 

I didn't go to some coaching school and get a bit of paper that certifies me to coach you.
Heck I didn't even finish university cause I hated it so much!!

I don't coach or mentor you with some one size fits all system. 
🔥 If you're up for it, I help you unlock what's already IN you and we work out the best way for you to get there. 

>> To the money, freedom and impact you're dreaming of. 

Prices officially going up next month so message me to get yourself a booking now while you still can. 

This girl is busaaaay!!