So, Want To Ditch Normal?


Many, many times in my life I’ve come up against the feeling of simply not being able to tolerate normal and feeling agitated at the status quo. 
I know you know what I’m talking about 😜

Here’s what I wish I’d learnt earlier:

💛💛 It is OK to feel agitated and a little conflicted even. 

In fact, when you’re a driven big thinker, with a tendency to overanalyse, you need to make friends with the agitation. 
Things will always pop up in your life at the moments you need them and they are always there to show you something. 

I wish I’d identified that sooner in life. 
People you used to know, people you want to know, events that drive you crazy, things you can’t get out of your head. 
>> ALL there to send you a message. 

Now you can get pissed off and try to fight the agitation, or you can get on with the business of learning what you need to learn. 

NORMAL people repress that stuff. They push it down and pretend like life is all some cosmic joke where they just get the cards that they get and have to cope with what they’ve been dealt. 

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to acknowledge the agitation and move through it with intention.***** 

💛💛 Your truth is reflected in the frustration. 

What has that thing/person/event showed up to teach you? 
Usually it’s got stuff all to do with what they are doing, and is ALL about what YOU get to learn.

When you feel jealous of someone and what they have or how they present, or you admire them, that’s because something about them is calling out to you. 

It’s saying -“Hey, you over there, doing all the normal yawny sort of things. Psssst… there’s still MORE in you. See, they’ve got it somehow - now open up and take a look at yourself”

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to take another look and what is triggering and frustrating you ***** 

💛💛 Your independence is your strength and your weakness. Know when it’s time to leverage each. 

I am SERIOUSLY independent. Like, could quite happily disappear on a plane and travel the world solo. I’ll also single handedly take on a big idea with a high level of belief and push that thing through until it comes to life. 
Great skills for running a business and getting things done in general, but also not the best when you hit a spot where, surprise surprise, turns out you DON’T actually have the insight into what tools you need to go further 😜

Sure, you could keep pushing and I have no doubt you’ll find a way, come hell or high water. But what I’ve learnt is that there is a better use of my strength than simply bulldozing something through. 

Find people who know what you don’t know. Who’ve walked the path ahead of you. 
Surround yourself with the kind of friends who love you in spite of yourself and still call out and believe in the best in you.

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to work to your strengths and be supported in your weaknesses ***** 

Did you know that MOST people just go plodding their way through life never giving a blink to the idea of breaking free, until life comes along and slaps them with some situation they can’t ignore??

See, the fact that you FEEL all these things like you do, that you analyse them and wonder what they mean, that sets you apart. 

🔥 YOU get to go first 🔥

You’re a leader. One of the ones called to go out into the unconventional and NOT NORMAL parts of life. 

So you get to go THROUGH this metamorphosis out of normal, before everyone else. 🦋

People will not like it. 
They will talk behind your back. 
Say you’re too this or that. 
Because you are CHANGING. 

And honey I KNOW that hurts. 
People who are not really your people, who have no insight into WHY you do what you do, they will say things. 

Welcome to the club. 
👑 It just means you’re in the right place 👑

You’ve joined the exclusive group of brave ones who are willing to risk the discomfort, willing to not be popular or picked first, willing to grow and expand. 

Which by the way is SUCH a gift. You are making space for others to come through. You are a carving a path. 

So, want to ditch normal ❓❓❓

**** Acknowledge the agitation and choose intention.
**** Take another look and see what’s reflecting back. 
**** Work to your strengths and get support in your weaknesses. 

Aaaaand, speaking of which. 
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I’m gonna help you figure out how you can ditch normal and design the life and business you’re dreaming of.