I Am Here For Growth 

ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU SURE? Why you gotta share that stuff on Facebook? 

Umm, yeah, I'm fine. But do you think if I was under the pump with anxiety, not coping with my life and depressed I'd be over here fishing for checkins?
Then honey, you don't know me. 

I posted this morning about, if you're sad, move your body and my inbox started pinging with messages.

Now, at one level, that's super nice that people care. But at another.... Have you not been paying attention to what I talk about?! 

I am totally fine with people sharing whatever the hell they like about their lives, and I'm committed to being truthful about my own. But honestly, I'm not on Facebook to tickle your fancy or fish for compliments. 
I have amazing mentors, family and friends to call on when I need help and I do that. 

So, why the sharing? 

Two years ago, I barely used my Facebook account but sitting in a taxi cab in London I had a divine compelling download that I was to write and share. 
Why? I wasn't sure, but I started.

I couldn't give a shit if I got famous or went viral. I mean I'm open to wherever life goes but I'm not chasing it.

I also don't really care if you like what I write or not. I mean, my mum doesn't even follow me cause she's not into what I write and that is 100% fine. 

Also, while we're here can we just cover the fact that sometime's I swear. It's not all the time but I'm tired of pretending it's not a thing that happens sometimes and worrying about if it ends up in my writing and my old church friends see it. 

I'm not mad, haven't lost my faith, committed the ultimate sin. I'm a human, doing human things, anyways trying to be better but I'm real.

And yes, I think you can still swear sometimes and love God. (And if you're offended by that, might wanna check that religious spirit) 
K, glad we cleared that up. 

Here's the thing... 

YOU (and the rest of the world) are scrolling Facebook, looking for two things.

- Entertainment and an answer to your problems. 

Now, I'm not a guru, and I'm definitely not a comedian. And all I was told, was write the truth and share it. 

So I started. And the more I wrote, the more people I helped. And the more messages I got. 

>> People have left their dead end jobs, and started new businesses, and got better lives, because I dared to share things that have helped me. Little old me. 

Turns out, I'm not so little. And my calling is bigger than I knew.
It goes beyond what you see on social media but if I can use this medium to help people shift out of their old stories and excuses and get STARTED then that is what I'll do. 

So, no, I won't often share pictures of my meal, or my cute dog (even though she's totally adorable). And I for sure don't love sharing loads of pics of my kids on the socials, so there's a chance you won't be very entertained at a surface level by me. 
That is fine. Adios amigo. 
Head back to your scrolling for cute cat memes. 

I'll be over here writing truth, doing my bit to help and if that works for you then WELCOME. 

I am here for growth. 
Yes I have fun along the way and I love my life and its fun to share bits of that with you. 

But ultimately, I want you to have the big life you're dreaming of and that you're called to.
I believe it's possible for you. 

So we can chat all day about the latest celeb gossip and the hottest thing that's trending, or we can get on with the GROWING and the BEING! 

That's what I'm here for.
How about you?