You Must Design In Your Mind What You Want And Start Being It

>> When you’re confused about WHO YOU ARE, you will feel like what you want to DO is confusing or too much. 

Get comfy BEING and it all makes more sense. 

Then it doesn’t matter what you’re actually DOING. You’re just BEING and all the right DOING flows from there. 

I know, I know, it’s double dutch and confusing to write maybe but it makes PERFECT SENSE. 

Somehow I found myself slipping again this week into trying to figure it out until a live stream by the one and only Katrina Ruth slapped me silly. - As always, thank you 😍

I have spent SO long trying to figure out what my niche was over the years until I finally gave up and realised that wasn't me.

I followed the rules like a good girl and listened to the people who told me it was required homework. 
Hell, I still even talk to business clients about knowing your market and the problems that you solve and finding your sweet spot. 

And yes, from a business point of view I can see that it helps to have a few hooks to hang your hat on. 
Like, you have to say SOMETHING about who you can help and why, right?

Well, I guess it depends what kind of business you want to run as to how much this really matters to you. 

But from a LIFE and SOUL and FULFILMENT point of view. 
It definitely just doesn’t work. 
You can spend SO long fighting that. 
Wanting everything to fit in it's box. 

Can’t happen. 
You BE who you BE and who you’re BECOMING.
People work with you because of THAT. 
It is about the HEART of you. 

I’m learning again that people don’t sign up to do stuff with me because I can teach them the ABC of running a business, how to start a new project, ways to develop new products, how to put together a nicely designed little life, to do self defence, to get stuff designed. 
ALL thing's I help with but NONE of the things I AM. 

I did a session with a client recently, we sat down to get started and he said - So, I don’t know exactly what you do. I just knew I needed to book with you and we’d work it out once we got here so, what are we starting with?!

I guess this is why I talk about ‘designing your life’ and ‘getting started’ the most of all the things. 
Because it’s an energy and a conviction that moves over EVERY area. 

You MUST design in your mind what you want and start BEING it. 
And you certainly must START. 

If you do nothing else just START. 
On whatever you know you need to do.
Go start that thing.