I Am Here For Growth 

ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU SURE? Why you gotta share that stuff on Facebook? 

Umm, yeah, I'm fine. But do you think if I was under the pump with anxiety, not coping with my life and depressed I'd be over here fishing for checkins?
Then honey, you don't know me. 

I posted this morning about, if you're sad, move your body and my inbox started pinging with messages.

Now, at one level, that's super nice that people care. But at another.... Have you not been paying attention to what I talk about?! 

I am totally fine with people sharing whatever the hell they like about their lives, and I'm committed to being truthful about my own. But honestly, I'm not on Facebook to tickle your fancy or fish for compliments. 
I have amazing mentors, family and friends to call on when I need help and I do that. 

So, why the sharing? 

Two years ago, I barely used my Facebook account but sitting in a taxi cab in London I had a divine compelling download that I was to write and share. 
Why? I wasn't sure, but I started.

I couldn't give a shit if I got famous or went viral. I mean I'm open to wherever life goes but I'm not chasing it.

I also don't really care if you like what I write or not. I mean, my mum doesn't even follow me cause she's not into what I write and that is 100% fine. 

Also, while we're here can we just cover the fact that sometime's I swear. It's not all the time but I'm tired of pretending it's not a thing that happens sometimes and worrying about if it ends up in my writing and my old church friends see it. 

I'm not mad, haven't lost my faith, committed the ultimate sin. I'm a human, doing human things, anyways trying to be better but I'm real.

And yes, I think you can still swear sometimes and love God. (And if you're offended by that, might wanna check that religious spirit) 
K, glad we cleared that up. 

Here's the thing... 

YOU (and the rest of the world) are scrolling Facebook, looking for two things.

- Entertainment and an answer to your problems. 

Now, I'm not a guru, and I'm definitely not a comedian. And all I was told, was write the truth and share it. 

So I started. And the more I wrote, the more people I helped. And the more messages I got. 

>> People have left their dead end jobs, and started new businesses, and got better lives, because I dared to share things that have helped me. Little old me. 

Turns out, I'm not so little. And my calling is bigger than I knew.
It goes beyond what you see on social media but if I can use this medium to help people shift out of their old stories and excuses and get STARTED then that is what I'll do. 

So, no, I won't often share pictures of my meal, or my cute dog (even though she's totally adorable). And I for sure don't love sharing loads of pics of my kids on the socials, so there's a chance you won't be very entertained at a surface level by me. 
That is fine. Adios amigo. 
Head back to your scrolling for cute cat memes. 

I'll be over here writing truth, doing my bit to help and if that works for you then WELCOME. 

I am here for growth. 
Yes I have fun along the way and I love my life and its fun to share bits of that with you. 

But ultimately, I want you to have the big life you're dreaming of and that you're called to.
I believe it's possible for you. 

So we can chat all day about the latest celeb gossip and the hottest thing that's trending, or we can get on with the GROWING and the BEING! 

That's what I'm here for.
How about you? 

You Must Design In Your Mind What You Want And Start Being It

>> When you’re confused about WHO YOU ARE, you will feel like what you want to DO is confusing or too much. 

Get comfy BEING and it all makes more sense. 

Then it doesn’t matter what you’re actually DOING. You’re just BEING and all the right DOING flows from there. 

I know, I know, it’s double dutch and confusing to write maybe but it makes PERFECT SENSE. 

Somehow I found myself slipping again this week into trying to figure it out until a live stream by the one and only Katrina Ruth slapped me silly. - As always, thank you 😍

I have spent SO long trying to figure out what my niche was over the years until I finally gave up and realised that wasn't me.

I followed the rules like a good girl and listened to the people who told me it was required homework. 
Hell, I still even talk to business clients about knowing your market and the problems that you solve and finding your sweet spot. 

And yes, from a business point of view I can see that it helps to have a few hooks to hang your hat on. 
Like, you have to say SOMETHING about who you can help and why, right?

Well, I guess it depends what kind of business you want to run as to how much this really matters to you. 

But from a LIFE and SOUL and FULFILMENT point of view. 
It definitely just doesn’t work. 
You can spend SO long fighting that. 
Wanting everything to fit in it's box. 

Can’t happen. 
You BE who you BE and who you’re BECOMING.
People work with you because of THAT. 
It is about the HEART of you. 

I’m learning again that people don’t sign up to do stuff with me because I can teach them the ABC of running a business, how to start a new project, ways to develop new products, how to put together a nicely designed little life, to do self defence, to get stuff designed. 
ALL thing's I help with but NONE of the things I AM. 

I did a session with a client recently, we sat down to get started and he said - So, I don’t know exactly what you do. I just knew I needed to book with you and we’d work it out once we got here so, what are we starting with?!

I guess this is why I talk about ‘designing your life’ and ‘getting started’ the most of all the things. 
Because it’s an energy and a conviction that moves over EVERY area. 

You MUST design in your mind what you want and start BEING it. 
And you certainly must START. 

If you do nothing else just START. 
On whatever you know you need to do.
Go start that thing. 


Who Are You Designed To Be And How Do You Trust That Design?

Well, it's true that not everyone gets to work from a hammock in spain, but is ease and flow really so unrealistic? 

I can see how people think this but here’s why I fully 100% believe in it and that it's available for you. ✨

Firstly, I live for the unrealistic dreams [and most of my clients are the dreamers who believe they get to have it all too!]. 

I don’t want the boring ass same-same that the world tells me is what I can have anyway. If it’s unrealistic, I’m totally up for it! 😃

So, no, the rest of the world don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t have. But.. that’s a whole other point to what I came here to say really. 

🙌 My main reason I believe in ease and flow is this. 

I spent 10+ years hustling my ass off. 
Pushing pushing pushing, past chronic illness to the point of complete depletion and I was wearing a mask ALL the time. 

I didn’t know that you could just BE. 

And in that BEING, the answers would come through about what you needed to DO. 

>> Being should always proceed doing 👊

THEN for sure the work happens. 
It still takes grit and determination and commitment but what it DOESN'T take is punishing yourself to get there. 

If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either. 

— > Ok wait, did you get that ⁉️

[ If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either ] 

What the hell are you going to do with yourself when you’ve built that business that only takes you 4-6hrs a week to run and spits out those nice round fat multiple 6 and 7 figure dollar figures that everyone seems to be chasing? 

💕 Will you love you then? 

Because I can promise you, the dollars are great, they’re a tool and they help but they don’t fix the knawing feeling inside about WHO YOU ARE.

🏃🏼‍♀️If you can’t make peace with that, you will always be running, always covering up, always hiding things and trying to look oh so put together but dying a little more inside. 

So yes, it’s a popular term right now but it fully describes how I believe you get to work when you strip back all the layers. 

I’m on a continuing evolution to understand this more and more but I know that this work is transformational. 
Dropping the have to’s and the should’s about what your life looks like and giving yourself the space to BE who you’re designed to be. 

✅ We will talk about the ‘work’ that’s required, we will get practical, but more than all of that the next 4 weeks of training in ‘Ease and Flow’ are designed to help you get back to the truth of it all. 

✨ Who are you designed to be and how do you trust that design?. 

✨ How do you rest and trust and stand in your purpose without the surrounding stress, when you’re a driven soul who always wants MORE?

✨ How do you build a business that allows you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before?

I realised last night that this is possibly one of THE most transformational pieces of work that I have done in my life. 

The processing from:
masked > broken > resting > standing > expressing 

I am SO excited to share this learning with you. 

Honestly I can’t hardly wait!

There are 5 beautiful souls joining me so far to take this journey and I think you need to come along. 

We start on Friday and I would LOVE to have you with us.

It’s time to step into your purpose and embrace all the BEING that leads to your very own Ease and Flow. 
(Which btw, always leads to the other things you’re seeking - the dollars, impact and freedom to live how you please of course!) 


I'm So Excited For The Transformation You Can Step Into!


Y know how you go and get your car wheels aligned and if they're wonky they wreck your fuel efficiency, your tire tread and all that? (Ok, well I don't really know much about that but dad told me about it once so I guess it's true!)

Well, in business, it only takes one client who drives you bananas to make you feel like you've run off course and wear you down. 

I have become ruthless lately about who I will work with as new 1:1 clients. 
I would rather NOT take a client and have my peace of mind than take someone who is going to suck the life out of me and not make the changes in their life. 

But oh my, when you get it right and they're coming in the door exactly like you love them.. nothing beats that feeling. 
And this month they are rolling up like 'hey soul sister, I'm here!' 

I have clients that are 18, clients that are 48. 
I have clients who are male and clients who are female.
They're different nationalities and personalities. 
Some with no business and a good idea. 
Some with a business and they're all run out of ideas. 

Most of them are not really like me but you know what they all are?

🔥 Driven. 
🔥 Committed to growth. 
🔥 Looking for new horizons.

They're ready to live intentionally and design their lives to step into the new level of the money, impact and freedom they're dreaming of. 

Which I guess is exactly like me in those ways!. 

And guess what?
>> I'm really good at taking them there. 

I just had someone message today who jumped on a FREE laser coaching session we did over in my business group to tell me that one idea I came up with and we worked on during a 20-minute chat, has resulted in a SOLD OUT programme for her.

Guys thats $$ in her pocket but also it was such a highly aligned offer she put out that she LOVES doing it. 

So.. jump on this new offer of mine today if you're ready for some shifting and shaking. 

It's insanely priced but I'm feeling pumped about it and it feels like the whole new level of ease that I'm stepping into myself as well. 

I'm gonna have those low priced or high priced options, just so long as they're priced from my soul!!

2 more spaces for this were taken by midday today so get in quick. I've capped it and I'm NOT going over and opening it wider for this one. 

I'm so excited for the transformation you can step into!



Refashion Retreat

I called a stylist in Nashville today. 
She had just sent me a message that said ‘talk?’ and I was like ‘girl, YES!’. 
Because I was a straight up mess.

Oh sweet mercy, you have NO idea how much I need to ‘talk’ I thought as I loaded up FaceTime. 
Talk instead of stew in indecision. Talk instead of worry and wonder how. Talk instead of lose it at my husband when he makes so much sense!.

Jenna and I were supposed to be talking business but something I’m always amazed with is how the business things and life intermingle and sometimes friends become people you work with, then sometimes people you work with become friends.

When she got on the line she looked like a normal person, instead of the goddess she usually is. 
Messy bun, sweatshirt, glasses on. Admittedly they’re really super cool bright red glasses that set off her features perfectly, but anyway, mostly she looked delightfully normal.

Everything we planned to talk about was out the window and suddenly we’re talking independence vs marriage, kids vs a life, business vs passion, alignment vs task lists, safety vs risk. All the juicy real stuff. The ugly and the messy along side the beautifully crafted.

Because that’s what life is. That is why I don’t trust people who look like they have it all together all the time. 
EVERYONE is fighting some kind of battle or has their own scars. 
We ALL are just working our way through, trying to figure out what we’re doing and how best to do it. 

I got off the phone and I felt like I’d taken a well needed cool drink. A refreshing pause in the feverish mess of a day.
This business of refashioning ourselves goes inside out AND outside in. 
Tidy up the inside, tidy up the outside. 
It’s hand in hand. 

We’re all being made over, evolving into our own sense of style.
We need people to walk near as we do. To cheer from the sidelines. 
To love us when we’re trying to get the ugly out of our hearts.

I am so grateful for someone who was willing to put the business of business aside and just be real. 
Which is what makes me even more excited about the business bits. 

Jenna is a mad amazing in demand stylist. I’m mad about people living big lives, awake and dreaming, being brave and fearless.
Put it together and you have the most perfect combination for our latest project. 

We’re calling it the Refashion Retreat.
**Dun dun duuunnnn!**

It’s 5 days, styling, digging deep workshopping and actual shopping. 
- - IN LOS ANGELES !!! - - 

I am beyond excited because this brings together so much of what we’re both passionate about. 
We have all kinds of treats and tricks that are coming together and I am so confident that the women who join us are going to have so much more than a shopping trip. They’re actually going have a pause, a chance to reflect and go deeper into who they are and what they’re destined for. Awesome workshopping on some practical things to help bring out the brave. AND all the gorgeous fun of getting personalised 1:1 styling sessions and guided shopping in LA!!!!

Honestly though. I would not do this with just anyone. 
I mean it’s a fun idea and all but over this next year I’ve committed to doing more of what I feel passionate about, not just everything that comes knocking on my door. 
So, this could have been one thing to put in the ‘nice ideas’ pile, except it’s not because we both totally feel jazzed about this process of being Refashioned. 
It’s happening in us and we love the thought that we can collectively come together to cheer on that refashioning process, inside and out.

So, there we go. Refashion Retreat. You heard it here first. 
We're aiming for August 2018. 
We’re only going to take a small number of women so message me if you’re interested, or pass this on to someone who you know would love it!!