I Am Here For Growth 

ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU SURE? Why you gotta share that stuff on Facebook? 

Umm, yeah, I'm fine. But do you think if I was under the pump with anxiety, not coping with my life and depressed I'd be over here fishing for checkins?
Then honey, you don't know me. 

I posted this morning about, if you're sad, move your body and my inbox started pinging with messages.

Now, at one level, that's super nice that people care. But at another.... Have you not been paying attention to what I talk about?! 

I am totally fine with people sharing whatever the hell they like about their lives, and I'm committed to being truthful about my own. But honestly, I'm not on Facebook to tickle your fancy or fish for compliments. 
I have amazing mentors, family and friends to call on when I need help and I do that. 

So, why the sharing? 

Two years ago, I barely used my Facebook account but sitting in a taxi cab in London I had a divine compelling download that I was to write and share. 
Why? I wasn't sure, but I started.

I couldn't give a shit if I got famous or went viral. I mean I'm open to wherever life goes but I'm not chasing it.

I also don't really care if you like what I write or not. I mean, my mum doesn't even follow me cause she's not into what I write and that is 100% fine. 

Also, while we're here can we just cover the fact that sometime's I swear. It's not all the time but I'm tired of pretending it's not a thing that happens sometimes and worrying about if it ends up in my writing and my old church friends see it. 

I'm not mad, haven't lost my faith, committed the ultimate sin. I'm a human, doing human things, anyways trying to be better but I'm real.

And yes, I think you can still swear sometimes and love God. (And if you're offended by that, might wanna check that religious spirit) 
K, glad we cleared that up. 

Here's the thing... 

YOU (and the rest of the world) are scrolling Facebook, looking for two things.

- Entertainment and an answer to your problems. 

Now, I'm not a guru, and I'm definitely not a comedian. And all I was told, was write the truth and share it. 

So I started. And the more I wrote, the more people I helped. And the more messages I got. 

>> People have left their dead end jobs, and started new businesses, and got better lives, because I dared to share things that have helped me. Little old me. 

Turns out, I'm not so little. And my calling is bigger than I knew.
It goes beyond what you see on social media but if I can use this medium to help people shift out of their old stories and excuses and get STARTED then that is what I'll do. 

So, no, I won't often share pictures of my meal, or my cute dog (even though she's totally adorable). And I for sure don't love sharing loads of pics of my kids on the socials, so there's a chance you won't be very entertained at a surface level by me. 
That is fine. Adios amigo. 
Head back to your scrolling for cute cat memes. 

I'll be over here writing truth, doing my bit to help and if that works for you then WELCOME. 

I am here for growth. 
Yes I have fun along the way and I love my life and its fun to share bits of that with you. 

But ultimately, I want you to have the big life you're dreaming of and that you're called to.
I believe it's possible for you. 

So we can chat all day about the latest celeb gossip and the hottest thing that's trending, or we can get on with the GROWING and the BEING! 

That's what I'm here for.
How about you? 

You Must Design In Your Mind What You Want And Start Being It

>> When you’re confused about WHO YOU ARE, you will feel like what you want to DO is confusing or too much. 

Get comfy BEING and it all makes more sense. 

Then it doesn’t matter what you’re actually DOING. You’re just BEING and all the right DOING flows from there. 

I know, I know, it’s double dutch and confusing to write maybe but it makes PERFECT SENSE. 

Somehow I found myself slipping again this week into trying to figure it out until a live stream by the one and only Katrina Ruth slapped me silly. - As always, thank you 😍

I have spent SO long trying to figure out what my niche was over the years until I finally gave up and realised that wasn't me.

I followed the rules like a good girl and listened to the people who told me it was required homework. 
Hell, I still even talk to business clients about knowing your market and the problems that you solve and finding your sweet spot. 

And yes, from a business point of view I can see that it helps to have a few hooks to hang your hat on. 
Like, you have to say SOMETHING about who you can help and why, right?

Well, I guess it depends what kind of business you want to run as to how much this really matters to you. 

But from a LIFE and SOUL and FULFILMENT point of view. 
It definitely just doesn’t work. 
You can spend SO long fighting that. 
Wanting everything to fit in it's box. 

Can’t happen. 
You BE who you BE and who you’re BECOMING.
People work with you because of THAT. 
It is about the HEART of you. 

I’m learning again that people don’t sign up to do stuff with me because I can teach them the ABC of running a business, how to start a new project, ways to develop new products, how to put together a nicely designed little life, to do self defence, to get stuff designed. 
ALL thing's I help with but NONE of the things I AM. 

I did a session with a client recently, we sat down to get started and he said - So, I don’t know exactly what you do. I just knew I needed to book with you and we’d work it out once we got here so, what are we starting with?!

I guess this is why I talk about ‘designing your life’ and ‘getting started’ the most of all the things. 
Because it’s an energy and a conviction that moves over EVERY area. 

You MUST design in your mind what you want and start BEING it. 
And you certainly must START. 

If you do nothing else just START. 
On whatever you know you need to do.
Go start that thing. 


So, Want To Ditch Normal?


Many, many times in my life I’ve come up against the feeling of simply not being able to tolerate normal and feeling agitated at the status quo. 
I know you know what I’m talking about 😜

Here’s what I wish I’d learnt earlier:

💛💛 It is OK to feel agitated and a little conflicted even. 

In fact, when you’re a driven big thinker, with a tendency to overanalyse, you need to make friends with the agitation. 
Things will always pop up in your life at the moments you need them and they are always there to show you something. 

I wish I’d identified that sooner in life. 
People you used to know, people you want to know, events that drive you crazy, things you can’t get out of your head. 
>> ALL there to send you a message. 

Now you can get pissed off and try to fight the agitation, or you can get on with the business of learning what you need to learn. 

NORMAL people repress that stuff. They push it down and pretend like life is all some cosmic joke where they just get the cards that they get and have to cope with what they’ve been dealt. 

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to acknowledge the agitation and move through it with intention.***** 

💛💛 Your truth is reflected in the frustration. 

What has that thing/person/event showed up to teach you? 
Usually it’s got stuff all to do with what they are doing, and is ALL about what YOU get to learn.

When you feel jealous of someone and what they have or how they present, or you admire them, that’s because something about them is calling out to you. 

It’s saying -“Hey, you over there, doing all the normal yawny sort of things. Psssst… there’s still MORE in you. See, they’ve got it somehow - now open up and take a look at yourself”

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to take another look and what is triggering and frustrating you ***** 

💛💛 Your independence is your strength and your weakness. Know when it’s time to leverage each. 

I am SERIOUSLY independent. Like, could quite happily disappear on a plane and travel the world solo. I’ll also single handedly take on a big idea with a high level of belief and push that thing through until it comes to life. 
Great skills for running a business and getting things done in general, but also not the best when you hit a spot where, surprise surprise, turns out you DON’T actually have the insight into what tools you need to go further 😜

Sure, you could keep pushing and I have no doubt you’ll find a way, come hell or high water. But what I’ve learnt is that there is a better use of my strength than simply bulldozing something through. 

Find people who know what you don’t know. Who’ve walked the path ahead of you. 
Surround yourself with the kind of friends who love you in spite of yourself and still call out and believe in the best in you.

***** If you want to ditch normal, you get to work to your strengths and be supported in your weaknesses ***** 

Did you know that MOST people just go plodding their way through life never giving a blink to the idea of breaking free, until life comes along and slaps them with some situation they can’t ignore??

See, the fact that you FEEL all these things like you do, that you analyse them and wonder what they mean, that sets you apart. 

🔥 YOU get to go first 🔥

You’re a leader. One of the ones called to go out into the unconventional and NOT NORMAL parts of life. 

So you get to go THROUGH this metamorphosis out of normal, before everyone else. 🦋

People will not like it. 
They will talk behind your back. 
Say you’re too this or that. 
Because you are CHANGING. 

And honey I KNOW that hurts. 
People who are not really your people, who have no insight into WHY you do what you do, they will say things. 

Welcome to the club. 
👑 It just means you’re in the right place 👑

You’ve joined the exclusive group of brave ones who are willing to risk the discomfort, willing to not be popular or picked first, willing to grow and expand. 

Which by the way is SUCH a gift. You are making space for others to come through. You are a carving a path. 

So, want to ditch normal ❓❓❓

**** Acknowledge the agitation and choose intention.
**** Take another look and see what’s reflecting back. 
**** Work to your strengths and get support in your weaknesses. 

Aaaaand, speaking of which. 
>> Get your beautiful weird, not normal self into my FREE 5 day challenge! <<

Drop a comment below so I know to send you ALL the details for when it starts this coming week. 

I’m gonna help you figure out how you can ditch normal and design the life and business you’re dreaming of.


What Do You Deeply Desire?


You’re allowed to feel the tear of it. The push and pull of normal. It’s a sacred space to be lost and found in growth. 

I see you there, driven one, trying so hard to do all the things and have all the things and be all the things. 
You’ve got it all and still... 

Life’s been throwing you a little bit lately hasn’t it. 
Things popping up you thought were dealt with. 
Oh yeah, you get to go through those things again. 

When you were younger it was ok to drown it in some blue sambuca at Bruno’s bar up the road. 
You didn’t know it would look like this one day. 
Didn’t know how much what you chose in those days would matter. 

Then you got a bit older. Covered it up with that nice girl/ tough girl/ smart girl/ rich girl image you picked and did all the things you were supposed to do. 
Nice job, car, kids. So safe. Well done you. 

And here you are. At a crossroads. 
Staring down the barrel of normal. 

Here you are. Facing it again. 
Would be nice to run away wouldn’t it?
Give in to the feelings. Disappear for a while and pretend life was something other than it is. 

Here you are. Perched on the edge. 
The edge of normal. 

What do you deeply desire?
Really, when you look at who you want to be. 

This is your ONE life. 

What when you look back on it, what will make you feel like you’ve done what you were supposed to do?
What does that version of you that you’re becoming know about THIS feeling, right here and right now? 

Because you always have choices. New opportunities to choose again. 

And those choices, You get to feel them. 
To move through it. 
To be honest about it. 

To work through the paradigms and stories that you’ve told yourself. 
To be vulnerable and open with the truth and trust that in sharing it, you will still know love. 
From others sure, but more importantly from yourself. 

You get to come home to yourself again. 
This will not break you. 
It will bring you back. 

As difficult as it feels to own what’s going on right now it will only shape you. 
Go deep. 
Dig in. 
Grow more. 
BE more. 

Because success is not what’s on the outside alone. 
It’s an INSIDE game. 

Ask yourself this - What are the non negotiable parts of your life? 
The things that must remain. Question everything and come back to your truth. 

And where are the spaces you can stretch out into?
Where can you take the risks, make the changes, BE the person?.

So go do that. 
Your heart will feel like it’s breaking a little, and that is how you know you’ve really lived. 

You felt it. You didn’t push it down or cover it up this time.
You let it crack you open. You faced it and you grew. 

It’s a holy thing to be wild and free. 

Let's Talk About How You're Going To Get There

You can make the money and give the money and be the girl. 

/ THE girl who doesn’t care what everyone thinks anymore and chases her dream. 
/ THE girl who builds a business that changes peoples lives. 
/ THE girl who loves deeper than she thought was possible. 
/ THE girl who comes HOME to herself. 
(Or guy perhaps in your case gentlemen 😉)

I know because I’ve become it and I lead my clients into it. 

Honestly, I’ve been hustling this last month (which I love btw) but also having to remind myself to honour what my body and soul need's to maintain this level of FABULOUS!

There is SO much going on behind the scenes here that I can't share just yet but I'm SO excited for it all and yet...

>> I know the pain.

The pain of being back where I used to be.
Not knowing how the heck I was going to turn what I loved into work and money and clients. Of craving freedom. 

Thing is, now I've got clients who are ditching normal after we work together and I am SO amped for what they're creating as they do. 
Their DREAM lives and businesses.

Driven big thinkers taking those ideas they've had for years down off the shelf and dusting them off.
Together we are bringing big things to life.

> Finally seeing how their desires to have a business that helps people and still take a day a week or more off to spend doing things they love is possible.

**insert whoops of joy as they take days to ride horses, have coffee with their gals, play golf, do more yoga and take weekend getaways. 

> Breaking open new areas of their businesses and entire new pools of clients who are ready to buy from them, because they’ve figured out WHO and HOW they really help for real this time. 

And it feels SO damn good to know they’re doing what they were BORN to do. 

> Making plans to finally leave their regular jobs after YEARS of struggle.

**goodbye awkward convo’s with colleagues who just don’t get you and your dreams for MORE. 

> More time with their kids cause they're putting support systems in place for their business - finally.

> Less hustle but more actual work being done and money coming in. Always welcome!

But do you know my favourite thing?

💕 They are coming home to themselves.

Dropping the worry about the shoulds and have to's.

Owning who they are and confidently stepping into their dreams.

They are coming in ready to do the work. Sick of their own excuses.

They're turning all their drivenness into money, impact and freedom > In a way they LOVE.

So, I’m saying all this is to inspire you that YOU TOO can move past the pain of normal.

And also to issue a quick PSA about a price shift. 
I want to serve my 1:1 client to the best of my ability and to do that I need to not be spread quite as thin as I have been.

If you want to work 1:1 with me, lock it in now cause I'm going to a new level of owning the work I do and charging accordingly in May.

If you're ready to leave the soul sucking pain of normal behind, I'm here for your growth.
I love your drive and dreams to be more. Let's talk about how you're going to get there.


Sometimes We All Need Someone To Walk Along Side Us


Example > I don’t vibe with the label of coach. I just don't.

Some people do and that’s fine for them, but let’s be honest, it’s an unregulated industry. ANYBODY can say they’re a coach right now. 
AND YET, I have hired and will continue to hire coaches, to the tune of many thousands of dollars and I don’t regret it.

In many way's I operate as one myself when I help people with designing their lives and businesses, but I just don’t love the word right now.

>> Kind of in the same way I don’t like the word christian.

Like, yes, that’s the foundation of my childhood faith and my spirituality but there’s so many lame ones out there who don’t walk their talk that have given it a bad name. 
Myself and many others I know have come up against the idea of ‘church’ and found it lacking.

Yet I find myself walking through the doors.
Sucker for punishment maybe?

Or maybe it’s not about the label. 
Maybe it’s about what’s in ME and what's in YOU.

YOU get to take responsibility for what you need and how you’re gonna get it. 
And you’ve been given a BRAIN to use in your pursuit of what you need and believe.

So use it wisely. Make solid choices. Don’t just go along with the say so.

Don’t just take what you’re given and slurp it down like a baby on milk. 
Get some teeth. Work your jaw out. Find the food you need to sustain your soul.

If you are not happy with a label, or your life, or a relationship, DO the work!
The work of creating something better.

Do the work to find people who can help move you forward and restore your belief in the goodness of life. 
People who can motivate you and provoke you in the right way.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt about getting a coach or a business mentor or a therapist is that I’m not looking for someone to do the work for me.

I accept that it is work that I get to do, and yes, I could google the information or apply myself to study it and get by without one. 
Plenty of times when I’ve just grit my teeth and done the hard yards by myself.

But what I’m looking for is someone who has the experience, the skills, the energy and the drive to help me come back home to myself and what I know to be real.

We need different people for different things at different times of our life. 
Sometimes we don’t need anyone at all.

Sometimes we all need someone to walk along side us.
To call us on our blindspots. To ask us the hard questions. 
To inspire us to go higher.

Maybe you can get that from a friend or dr google. Good for you. 
But maybe you want a human who’s done what you want to do. 
Ditched normal in pursuit of running businesses and having a life that she loves. 
👍In which case, hit me up.

I may or may not ‘coach’ you, but I sure as heck will provoke you to think bigger. 
Challenge you to leave all the regular, should’s and have to’s behind. 
Motivate you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before. 
Help you map a path forward into the life and business you’re dreaming of.


It’s Your Time

I don’t know what possessed Evan to take this photo. 
This photo makes my heart hurt. 

She’s not yet 2. He’s around 5 months old. I’m 27. And I’m done. 

This moment hurts like nothing else hurts.

This is not a tired mum in this picture.  
This is a mum who’s battling chronic physical pain, day in and out. 
Who’s depressed and fights back suicidal thoughts most days. 
Who feels like a burden. 
Who has lost purpose and feels like she’s missed her calling. 


I look back and this still cuts in my heart. 
Even though life looks and feels a whole lot different now, this one hurts.
Because I still remember that grief. 
The grief that life was not stacking up how I thought. 
That I lost years to something outside of my control. 
That I was less than, as a mother and wife and woman in general. 


We can philosophise and say that there was learning in the pain. That my greatest gifts came from that time. 
All true. 
I would not be who I am without this time and I'm so full of gratitude for that. 

But in the middle of those dark nights you don’t care about the gifts. 
You just want OUT. 

Count it all joy when you face trials.. yeah, not so much. 

I got through many many days by the clinging to life with my fingernails, which were not nearly as tidy and manicured as they are these days. 
They were chipped and weak, literally and figuratively. 

>> So why am I even sharing this?

Yes, because I know the other side. I know there's hope and joy and all those good things that I live in now. 

But also because we can all have this in one way or another. 
The feeling that we’ve somehow got wrapped up in a life that wasn’t quite what we were called to. 

Grief about time we’ve lost. 
The belief that we’re not enough. 
Loss of vision and hope for the bigger version of ourselves. 
Feeling like we are stuck. 

But here’s what I want you to notice about that picture. 
You see those folders on the shelf behind me?
They represent the start of my business. 

This is why I know what I know. 
Not because I have a degree in this stuff but because I’ve lived through the fire.  
I’ve started things in spite of myself. 
I know it's possible for you. 

I know that in all your lack and your worry about feeling not enough,
your low key anxiety about what people will think of you,

there’s still the wild in you that says - I am not done here. 
That whispers - look out world, I’m coming for ya.
The longing to live by design, not by default. 

There is a coming home to yourself that is about to happen, 
As you step outside of what you know right now and fall forward into the future. 

You will begin to run. 
To pick up your soul and take flight. 

It’s your time. 


Do One Thing Different Today And Change The Pattern Of ‘Stuck'

UNIVERSITY WON’T SAVE YOU... and other things I'll teach my kids. 

I’m on the irregular side of the regular fence here guys, much like I am with having a 9-5 job, vaccination, my views on church, parenting and schooling techniques and a number of other expected niceties. 

👉 and I think you know it's time for you to do a rethink on some of it too.

You hear all the noise too right? The big talk about how everyone is doing it the ‘right’ way, but I just don’t buy it. 

Not to say I don’t think there’s a benefit in all those things, but I don’t intend on just playing the straight line with them 

This is what I mean when I say that University won’t save you. 
It can be of great benefit but I see a bunch of people getting tied up with $50-$100K of debt and they’re no closer to living out their passion or purpose. 

ANYTHING without intention and consideration is a big fat waste of time. 

Here’s what I will be telling my kids. 

👉 DON’T go to university, unless you KNOW what you’re passionate about and what you think you want to do with your life. 

👉 DON’T vaccinate your kids, until you’ve read about the protocols around it and how it works. 

👉 DON’T go to church if you’re gonna sit there and pay lip service to something. Mean it in your heart if you’re gonna do it. 

👉 DON’T send your kids to regular school if you’re not happy with the options available. Always look for alternatives if you feel uneasy. 

Then and only then, DO!!. 

🔥 DO out of intention. 
🔥 Out of passion and belief. 
🔥 Out of trust and exploration into the truth. 

I see people who’ve spent YEARS trapped in the things they thought they SHOULD do, only to step back and realise they don’t know why they’re doing what they do. 

It eats at their soul and suddenly they’re part way through something and feel like they’ve wasted years. 
>> Don’t do that to yourself. 

This one life. It’s small. Tiny in the scale of an eternal reality. 

Live it large. Wide awake and dreaming. 

Here’s my challenge. If you find yourself stuck in something that you have no heart for.
DON’T stay stuck there. DO one thing different today. 

It might not be time for you to quit your job or leave uni or pull your kids out of school, but you can still START. 
Start by considering what it is you’re doing. 

Examine your motives. 
Investigate what you want your life to look like so you actually know what you’re heading towards. 

Then simply do ONE THING DIFFERENT today and change the pattern of ‘stuck’. 
Commit to living differently and letting your soul find the way home.