My Amazing Life

Do you ever think ‘how is this my amazing life?! When half an hour before you were thinking ‘get me out of here!’.

We have had sick kids this week. Like, gone down in a screaming heap kind of sick which doesn’t happen very often at our house.
Even the dogs been looking like she is done with us and wants out of the house.

But today, I escaped!

I had won a photoshoot about a month ago.
Filled in a competition randomly and somehow I just knew in my bones I was going to win.
I had to nominate another friend in business, so of course Samantha Ebel-Brown from OilTribe

Then, one month ago, we WON!!
I mean how cool is that?! With a local photographer I’ve been following for a little while now.

And so we escaped.
We were looked after, hair and makeup’ed, posed and prettied.

I can’t wait to see photo’s. Charmaine Marinkovich Photographer honestly made us feel super comfortable. Yes, this little bit is a shameless plug for her. Did I mention I WON them!!

It’s seriously so lovely to watch someone in their flow, doing what they love.

The three of us talked afterwards about the realities of life and business and doing what you feel you’re designed for.

So, today I’m resting in gratitude. For the fact that life can be this joyous thing. That it can exist with the beautiful and the tricky moments side by side.
That I can connect with these amazing women who love what they do.

P.S - I LOVE connecting with people who are passionate about what they do. If that’s you and you need a product developed, we should talk.

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