Product Development

Ticked Off

Today I woke up feeling ticked off at everything.
Just straight up irritable and annoyed but I didn’t know why. 

Checked the date, not PMS. 
Well ok... a grumpy start and nothing obvious to blame. 

Then I realised I was particularly short with just one member of my family.
I went to take a shower, a little escape. 

While our house is being built we live in a renovated shed with an outdoor bathroom so the winter air took my breath away before I stepped into the steady stream of hot water. 
Then it hit me. 

The cold air reminded me that despite how it feels, I can choose to step into the space in my heart and mind where there’s a steady stream of warm inviting alignment.

So I remind myself again that I get a choice. I can be pissed off, annoyed and let that fill my mind for the day. 

Or I can take a look at myself and see why I’m feeling so triggered. What’s in me that needs adjusting?

It’s a beautiful thing when you realise you get to choose alignment. 
It’s not something you just fall into. 
You make a decision that leads you into it. 

Where are you not aligned today?
Where are you pissed off, frustrated, feeling out of sorts and like something needs to change?

YOU have the power to choose something better. 
Something that works for you. 
Stop mucking around with the excuses that have held you back. Telling yourself it’s cause of this person or that, because you didn’t get handed the right resources, weren’t born into the right situation. 
YOU have the opportunity every day to grow and adjust, to move towards who you want to be and the life you want.
Choose well. 

x Meg

p.s - You know you sure don’t have to work a 9-5 right.
You don’t even have to do a certain type of business just because that’s what the cool kids are doing right now.
You can do digital and physical products if you want.

If you’re thinking physical products are the next aligned choice for your business but you’re not sure how to make it happen, message me. 

My Amazing Life

Do you ever think ‘how is this my amazing life?! When half an hour before you were thinking ‘get me out of here!’.

We have had sick kids this week. Like, gone down in a screaming heap kind of sick which doesn’t happen very often at our house.
Even the dogs been looking like she is done with us and wants out of the house.

But today, I escaped!

I had won a photoshoot about a month ago.
Filled in a competition randomly and somehow I just knew in my bones I was going to win.
I had to nominate another friend in business, so of course Samantha Ebel-Brown from OilTribe

Then, one month ago, we WON!!
I mean how cool is that?! With a local photographer I’ve been following for a little while now.

And so we escaped.
We were looked after, hair and makeup’ed, posed and prettied.

I can’t wait to see photo’s. Charmaine Marinkovich Photographer honestly made us feel super comfortable. Yes, this little bit is a shameless plug for her. Did I mention I WON them!!

It’s seriously so lovely to watch someone in their flow, doing what they love.

The three of us talked afterwards about the realities of life and business and doing what you feel you’re designed for.

So, today I’m resting in gratitude. For the fact that life can be this joyous thing. That it can exist with the beautiful and the tricky moments side by side.
That I can connect with these amazing women who love what they do.

P.S - I LOVE connecting with people who are passionate about what they do. If that’s you and you need a product developed, we should talk.

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Love in a Bag, Peace in a Bracelet, Hope in a Bag

Overnight success.

Don’t you think it’s funny when you see that written about someone.
When really, they’ve been hustling for a long time, honing their craft, their ability to speak, their attitude to serve, all while in the shadows.
Most of the skills we have are trained in the secret places, before anyone knows our name.

Since I was young I’ve been a campaigner and an initiator.
Passionate about something new and getting big ideas off the ground.
When I started developing products I didn’t do it because I wanted to create an empire. I did it because it almost felt like I didn’t have a choice.
It was innately part of who I was.
Paid or not, this is who I am and what I do and I just flow with it.

My guess is that you write and coach people, you develop online programmes because you know you have to or you’ll die a little inside.
Your core message is heart centred and it has to leak out of you somewhere and come to life.

I met with a friend of mine like that this week. He travels internationally but is an artist based in the Philippines. Both him and his wife have an incredible ability to dream of the future and literally paint it into life.
And they can’t help but live and breathe it.

He told me just yesterday that he wants to create art that breaks chains in his country.
He want’s to paint things that speak to the future.
He sells his art to transform his community because art is not enough. He wants freedom too.

I love seeing vision come to life. Your message to the world in a physical tangible touchable thing.
Love in a journal. Peace in a bracelet, Hope in a bag, Freedom in a painting.

If you want your message to come to life in the form of a product, I know how to make that happen.

x Meg

Creative Divinity

I am surrounded by the creative word this week. 
People who live and breath in their expressed elements of divinity. 
Confident in their calling and their expression of love to the world. 
People who know how to live in flow and don’t stop at anything. 
Those who are surrounded by the quiet assurance that they are born for more. 

I see others wander aimlessly. 
Looking for the missing pieces, searching for the big puzzle pieces that will match them up and make them whole. 
They are hunting for the elusive completion which won’t be theirs or ours until we reach eternity. 

I notice them and so I talk about 'no more fake' with the friends I'm meeting this week. I crave authenticity. 
In myself first and in others as well.  
I’m talking with good friends about the need for transparency in all we do and finding a sense of space and wholeness in ourselves. 

And I’m aware that this all sounds a bit ethereal. 
Like a weird and wonderful collection of mysterious words. 
But really, since when have I liked orderly words. 
I love the ones that spill out of my heart and life and fall across the page. 

Because the word has a creative force that I really think we underestimate.
The more I let the words fly onto the pages the more I understand who I am and I set out goals that I’m heading towards. 

I say I want more authenticity, and so in the speaking and writing of that I help to give it space to become. 

I say I want to build a business that is for a bigger purpose and in saying that it begins to stir again. 

And I can’t forget that three years ago I was in the Philippines and I saw children on the streets. 

I was at a feeding programme where I saw a young prostitute hand her 6 month old baby, to her 8 year old, so she could service a customer at the back of mc donalds for $3, so she could buy food to feed the other 5 children who call her mum.

That’s not ok. 

That’s less that not ok. That mind blowingly most definitely awful. 

That she would have to pay for dinner with her DIGNITY.

And so I write. 

Not to fix it, but to CONNECT with the truth of it again. 

Because I KNOW that there is a better way. 

There is a way as entrepreneurs we can make choices that provide enterprise.

WE can make choices that open up employment for people and offer the the opportunity to gain skills that will lift them out of poverty and desperation, and we can still have what our hearts desire as well. Really we can. 

We can call our people to listen to the cry of those have no voice. 

We can robin hood the heck out of life by making sure our friends know that these beautiful insanely blessed lives we live are the 1%. 

We are the lucky few.

With our homes and cars and airplane rides. 

With our bags and shoes and laptops that give us advantage. 

So it’s true, I’m all for the bags and shoes and laptops.. but only if...

Our bags open to receive money and then carry it to the poor. Our shoes are ready to walk into our purpose. Our laptops connect us to reality as well as all that is virtual. 

As entrepreneurs we hold the power to speak and write and dream of things, then bring them to life. 

So COME ON. Lets create life giving, soul freeing, beautiful things.

Let’s connect with our people, our tribes who need us, and make sure they know that in working with us, they are breaking the chains of oppression. 

That we will choose only to deliver products to them that elevate humanity. 
That respect the value of life. 

I don’t want to buy brand names to fit some Instagram trend if it causes destruction in someone else world. 

Am I the perfect, fair trade, sustainable, ethical everything I want to be?. Not yet. 

But like the inevitable turning of the tide, our world is demanding that we pay attention. 

Can you hear the waves crashing?

x Meg

P.S - I am all for beautiful things, journals jewellery, homeware, fabric, bags.
I LOVE creating those things.

And it’s so much more beautiful when you know the items you’ve dreamt up are building the world, not tearing it down. 

Come talk with me about all of this and how to create a product for your community that is all the things. 
Money making, life giving, a connection point and a celebration piece. 

I’m not about 21 strategy points but I am about action. 
Figuring out what’s really on your heart and getting yourself moving to make it happen.

If you're a digital entrepreneur, a coach or a consultant and you know it's time you had a physical product for your brand, come dream and plan with me. 

We get to carve a reputation for ourselves as the entrepreneur generation who decided they could have it ALL.

The beautiful life here and now and the deep truth that we are changing the world by how we do business. 

Message me to find out more. 

Feeling Boss

Ever bought something that just makes you feel boss? 
Like, I'm an entrepreneur who is owning this life right now?!

I bought this bag in London. It's even monogrammed with my initials! I mean, that's cool right but it's not about the bag though. 

It's a symbol of the business I was there to do. That I was owning it and hitting goals.

I know the story of the woman who started the company, how much she values ethical, sustainable business and how much she really worked to build her company. 

It's a reminder of all the work I still have to do and how serious I am about getting it done. And how good it felt to be working on it and making gains. 

That's how I want your people to feel when you put out a physical product that complements your programme. 
Like they've put in the work with you and now this.
The product they've bought from you is the celebration of all that effort. 
It's the inspiration to be more. 

They look up to you and resonate with something about who you are and your message to them. 

It's time, not just to roll out another digital product but to create something that really connects in a very physical tangible way.

But creating a physical product that firstly, really reflects you, and secondly, is the right thing to inspire your tribe, is not as simple as picking it out of a promotional catalogue. 

It needs consideration and it will require you to have the courage to go through the process with integrity, choosing only something that is created fairly and beautifully.

Grab this FREE guide and find out why adding a physical product to your brand can increase your connection with your community.

What if You Stopped Caring

What if you stopped caring about what people thought and did the stuff that’s in your heart?. 

No, I’m for real. Like actually stopped worrying what people think. 

Stopped doing the stuff you think you ‘should’ do.. and committed at a greater level to the life work you actually know is yours to own. 

What if you really spoke from the heart? 
Might be a bit exposing right?! 
Cause what’s really down there in the depths of you?

You may have heard the proverb, 'Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’.
That’s a scary one because often we don’t want to do the work to dive down into our hearts, expose what’s really there and get some healing. 
But ultimately, your truth will always come out of your mouth and manifest in action. 

It’s super easy to get distracted with work, thinking we’re on the right path, hustling away to make the money when we’re ignoring what’s going on in us or what we know the next action is we need to take. 

I’ve been there, but more and more I’m choosing to walk away from the ‘shoulds’.
Choosing to align myself with my hearts work. 
Looking for more ways to step into who I’m designed to be. 
And it’s all kinds of beautiful when you do. 

x Meg

P.S -  I’m looking for the people who are there too. 
Sick of the ‘shoulds’, sick of the strategies and wanting to step into doing something that’s been on their hearts for a while. 

I know that not every entrepreneur who reads this will resonate with it, and I’m fine with that. 

But you... you know I’m talking to you. 

You’re already successful. You’re already delivering your message to the world.

And you know in your heart that there’s a physical product you’ve been thinking of for a while.
Something you know that is going to complement your call and help the people in your community. 

Part of my life’s purpose is to work with people like you. 
To give you the fire start you need to get yourself out there with a product that truely represents you. 
To push you to choose only what is made fairly and beautifully. 
To connect with a community of entrepreneurs who are creating with solid integrity. 
To help you release a physical product to your community which feeds the deep connection and celebrates all the success. 

Message Me to find out more. 

For the Sake of all that's Good

For the sake of all that is good and beautiful in the world, don’t be that person that thinks using some crappy promotional item company and putting your logo on a product is the way to connect with your tribe offline.

You have been working your whole life to escape that kind of corporate madness. 

You absolutely need a physical product but you don’t need something everyone else has. 

You need something unique and created in the flow of who you are. 

You need something TRANSFORMATIONAL that motivates your tribe.

And you’re smart, so I know you already can tell that you DON'T need to design it or develop it all yourself.

I am an artisan product developer. 
I co-create with entrepreneurs.

Nothing makes me happier than connecting with passionate people and helping make their ideas come to life. 

Through my travels and work I have a perfectly curated list of artists and I know the in’s and outs of developing something that truely works and resonates with who you are and your people. 

MESSAGE ME NOW to talk about what you want to bring to life. 
I’m so excited to see what you want to create!

People I Work With

How can you be sure you're connecting with the right people? Your soul people?

Do you ever feel that way?

It was kind of getting frustrating, until I realised something and let go...

Yep, I get to do the work, and I will, but at the end of the day, if you're the right person you'll know you need to work with me. 

And actually, I want to work with those intuitive but decisive kind of people. 
The one's who know what they're after.

Cause they're the ones who know their message, and they're the one's I know I can add value to. 

So, if you're a wishy washy, maybe kind of entrepreneur, nice to meet you but see you later!

If though, you're a rock solid, totally committed to success entrepreneur who already has a message that you're shouting from the rooftops, I'm glad you came. 

I bet you're shouting it, every day, messaging and making sure your tribe are getting all the value from you. 

But imagine taking all that digital information, those cranking programmes you've created and making them live and breathe in physical form. 

You know it's trying to come through you. 
Something physical needs to come out of all this talk. 
A journal, jewellery, homewares..
Something that's deeply connected to your message and your people. 

But you don't know where to start...
You've thought about just getting someone to find something online for you and rebrand it but that doesn't sit right. 

Just like you had to put the sweat into learning all this digital stuff you know, creating a physical product actually requires the same amount of learning or more. 

Because it's not enough to just find something and try to sell it to your people. 
They will see through that so fast and you know it. 

You need to create something just for them. Something that embodies who you are and your message. 

I can do that for you. I can work with you to co-create the perfect tangible item that you can give or sell to your tribe. 

I've been doing it for years, developing beautiful things that carry love and truth into the world. 
I've learnt the hard way, so you don't have to. 

I work with artisans and skilled manufacturers around the world already, but I've never opened  that up to other people. Until now...

Lets make something beautiful. 

Got an idea for a product you want to bring to life?  
Message me pronto!!