Wild and Free

Waking Up

This whole waking up thing is harder than sleeping for sure. 
Being alive to what’s going on around you, and inside of you can take a whole lot of effort. 

Sleeping is designed for restoration and sometimes life hurts us too damn much so letting our souls go to sleep seems like the best option. 

It’s protective. We cocoon ourself in warmth, wrap ourselves up in how we feel and lay down in that. 

We zone out to the world around us and fall away in to nothingness. 

Rest has a place but life is for living, and being fully awake. 
You seriously can't stay there. 

Have you ever seen someone who’s had to lay in bed, bound by their body for months or years at a time? It doesn’t take long for their muscles to atrophy, they grow weak and unstable on their feet. 

Bed is good but not if you’re bound there. 
Not if you choose to stay there. 

If you’re lying around, in that half awake, half asleep time, get up already. 
Wake up. It’s time to do this. Get moving. 

You don’t get to do this life again. 
Not this one. Not your one that’s full of potential and promise. 

So stop telling yourself stories about why it’s better you stay asleep. 
Stories about how you hurt too much to get up. 

I know what it’s like to hurt. honestly. If you want to talk pain, I’ve got stories. 
But here’s the thing. So has everybody. 

Some of us hurt inside, some of us have bodies that hurt.
Other people hurt us and we hurt ourselves. 

And what?…

Is that actually going to be your excuse?

You can hold onto that excuse if you want. 
It’s your right and your choice. 
I can’t tell you what to do with your stories. 

But I can tell you what I know to be true for me. 
As hard as really waking up is, it’s a hell of a lot better than the pain of staying in slumber then waking up one day to find out the whole world kept moving without you. 

Because we’re not stopping. 
Those of us who’ve woken up to purpose and passion and life in full abundance. 
We can’t stop. 
We can’t wait for you forever.  

We can love you and stroke your head when you decide to wake up. 
We can help you through that, but when you’re fully asleep, there’s literally nothing we can do for you. 

You’re just lying there, unmoving and we have to keep going. 

I hate seeing that when people are so stuck in their pain, held fast by their stories that they won’t allow themselves to wake up and feel again, because I know what that feels like inside. 
To be held under that sleepy fog, not fully embracing who you are.  

I’ll keep calling through the fog. Hoping you hear this. Hoping today is your day. 
Time to wake up mighty one. 

P.s - Need someone to help you see the future you and what it might look like to really wake up. Message Me.