Find A Way That Works For You 

>> You can run and try to fix yourself, to get yourself looking all professional and clever but if you don’t let who you are find a home in you people will see right through you. 

I just wish I could go back and tell my 20yr old self some truths about this. 👆

It’s been a sprint and pause kind of month. 

Who am I kidding, I have a sprint and pause kind of LIFE!!

Learning to embrace this about who I am and how I work has been one of the most valuable things I’ve learnt about myself. 

Learning that it’s your passion and energy that will create mighty things, but it will crush you if you don’t learn the value of the pause. 

Back then I spent a lot of years working for a big church and non profit and there were things on EVERY night. 

I mean EVERY night. 

Which is fine. I think it’s great that they do so many excellent things. 

But the HUSTLE of that time of my life was endless, because I didn’t know how to draw the lines for myself. 

It would take some pretty serious illness for me to not show up at something I was supposed to be helping with. 

I went to an event when I had a 6 day old baby for goodness sake!!

That wasn’t their fault. It was mine. 

I didn’t want to be seen to slack off, to not be committed, to not get it right. 

I found my value in doing and struggled with BEING. 

Struggled with BEING because I didn’t know WHO I was supposed to be BEING! 🙄

It’s easy to find reasons why you need to hustle. To cover up, to distract yourself, to keep up appearances. 

There’s also plenty of inspiration these days to take it slow, which frankly sometimes I think people use to avoid doing the REAL soul work they know is theirs to do, but they’re running from it. 

The real living is between the two. 

In beautiful alignment.
Resting between truth and grace. 

Knowing yourself, knowing what you require and allowing space for each. 

Quit worrying about the hustle gurus. The zen gurus. 

Find a way that works for YOU. 

The way that’s perfectly aligned for your call. 
Then go do that!


To The Money, Freedom And Impact You're Dreaming Of


🔥 Collaboration ya'll. It's the real deal!

I can't even sell you on it cause we've closed the doors but I'm too excited not to share because I want you to see what is possible!!

My biz bestie and I have been cooking up a treat for the women in our various groups and I am amazed at how much we complement each other's strengths. 

This week, well it's been a double for your trouble, divine abundance kind of thing going on. We are both playing to our strengths and the deep soulful knowing I always talk about and boy does it show. 

We initially aimed to take in just 50 women to our new membership and the applications came in so thick and fast that over the course of the last week we've welcomed over 500 women into our new platform!

I literally have not had time to think about sharing this here on my own page cause I've been so loving working with Natalya Amanda Purchase and bringing this baby to life. 

Two days till actual launch and we are putting the finishing touches on a health and mindset membership that is set to blow the boots of those stodgy old 'diet' systems and help women break free from the chains of comparison, self loathing and constant yo-yo'ing. 

This platform is about soul work that turns into body work. 
It's mindset work that turns into movement. 🙌

It's what I wish I'd had as love and support around me as I battled through my own body images issues and years of binge and purge style disordered eating. 

It's what Natalya knows works for herself and the women she serves to get fit and free and is an overflow of the amazing work that's already happening.

🙌 It does all the things I talk to my clients about. 
- Meets a need or desire, solves a problem
- HELPS people. 

🙌 We have used the same process I talk to my 1:1 clients about.
- Check in with your soul, Is this work you want to spend your time on?
- Check in with your market, Do they really want this?

Guys I don't just talk about getting started. 
>> THIS is what what I can't help but DO. 
It's the work that MUST come out of me. 

I help people get started. 
I help them unlock the destiny they know is theirs for the taking. Soulfully and practically. 

So when I tell you that I have 1:1 spots available and I can help coach you through getting something started, you need to know... 

I didn't go to some coaching school and get a bit of paper that certifies me to coach you.
Heck I didn't even finish university cause I hated it so much!!

I don't coach or mentor you with some one size fits all system. 
🔥 If you're up for it, I help you unlock what's already IN you and we work out the best way for you to get there. 

>> To the money, freedom and impact you're dreaming of. 

Prices officially going up next month so message me to get yourself a booking now while you still can. 

This girl is busaaaay!!


Why Would You Be Content With Something That Is Not The Dream?

You probably need a kick up the bum. 
- I know I did.

Thing is if you’re driven like me you can make things look pretty sweet on the outside.
Make it look successful. People think you’re doing great.
When really you know you’re operating at half throttle.

What you’re born for is not a close enough, kind of life.
YOU are designed for the wild spaces.
The places people tell you are TOO MUCH.
That's the bit where you come to life.

But thing is, I know you will only expand in your life and business as far as you’re willing to go in your heart and mind first.
It’s the same, across EVERY area, with every client I’ve worked with.

Don’t believe it in their head = not gonna happen.
Don’t know how but have a deep conviction there is more for them = success every time.

It’s very easy to get complacent about the work you need to do in your heart and mind.
It takes decision EVERY SINGLE DAY to go there.
To CHOOSE growth.
To alter your patterns of thinking.

Build in the practice.
Get up earlier.
Make space in your day for it however you need to.

Meditate, Pray, Read, Write, Paint, Create.
WHATEVER it takes - make the space.

Honestly, I slacked off for a while.
Had a business that was ‘close enough’.
Had some clients that were ‘close enough’.

Bleeughh. It felt so stale.
So average and ick feeling.
I find it off-putting even to think about.

Why would you SETTLE?
Why would you be content with something that is not the DREAM?
I’m not talking about someone else's idea of success.
I mean, why would you settle for something less than what you KNOW you’re designed for?

So if you’re cruising on your weekend, enjoy that.
Live it passionately, fully and intentionally.

But remember to get back up and take names again.
Because close enough is not good enough for all the greatness that’s inside of YOU.


Let’s Design Your Life, The Way You Want It

Designing your life doesn’t look the same for everyone. 


But I can give you the foundations of how to build a life by design and the tools to make it happen YOUR way.  🙌

Asking for a formula for life though, well It’s like going to an abstract artist and saying - I want you to paint me an exact replica of that insane abstract picture you did once before.  
It’s impossible. 

But what is possible is to capture the same feeling. 
The same spirit of freedom and wildness. 

What I do with clients is not the same thing from one person to another. Yes I have a framework but within it, I don’t know what’s going to happen exactly until you front and we actually start unpacking what’s going on. 

>> The mum who’s been out of her working world and is ready to start something new is wildly different to the 49 year old man who’s been working climbing the corporate ladder the whole time. 

Both have skills that can be translated into their new dream life but how we get there is going to look different for each of them. They each have their own stories and things that hold them back from believing it’s possible that we need to uncover. 

💕 Learning to truly listen to the whisper of your soul is an art, not a science. 

So don’t come to me if you want a business in a box or a look-a-like life. 

✨Come see me if you’re ready for building something different. 
✨Something risky even. 
✨Something that is a little wild and not quite formed but it’s bubbling in you. 
✨You’re not sure if you can pull it off but you’re ready to give it a shot. 

I will help you get started. 
I will help you find your way through the tangle of thoughts and emotions about what is possible. 
Then I’ll point you in the direction of practical tools you can use to build this new thing. 
Show you how to create something that sets your soul on fire. 

I won't stoop so low as to give you the same formula as everyone else. 
Let’s design YOUR life. 
The way YOU want it. 


Who Are You Designed To Be And How Do You Trust That Design?

Well, it's true that not everyone gets to work from a hammock in spain, but is ease and flow really so unrealistic? 

I can see how people think this but here’s why I fully 100% believe in it and that it's available for you. ✨

Firstly, I live for the unrealistic dreams [and most of my clients are the dreamers who believe they get to have it all too!]. 

I don’t want the boring ass same-same that the world tells me is what I can have anyway. If it’s unrealistic, I’m totally up for it! 😃

So, no, the rest of the world don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t have. But.. that’s a whole other point to what I came here to say really. 

🙌 My main reason I believe in ease and flow is this. 

I spent 10+ years hustling my ass off. 
Pushing pushing pushing, past chronic illness to the point of complete depletion and I was wearing a mask ALL the time. 

I didn’t know that you could just BE. 

And in that BEING, the answers would come through about what you needed to DO. 

>> Being should always proceed doing 👊

THEN for sure the work happens. 
It still takes grit and determination and commitment but what it DOESN'T take is punishing yourself to get there. 

If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either. 

— > Ok wait, did you get that ⁉️

[ If you can’t sit peacefully with yourself, you will not sit peacefully in success either ] 

What the hell are you going to do with yourself when you’ve built that business that only takes you 4-6hrs a week to run and spits out those nice round fat multiple 6 and 7 figure dollar figures that everyone seems to be chasing? 

💕 Will you love you then? 

Because I can promise you, the dollars are great, they’re a tool and they help but they don’t fix the knawing feeling inside about WHO YOU ARE.

🏃🏼‍♀️If you can’t make peace with that, you will always be running, always covering up, always hiding things and trying to look oh so put together but dying a little more inside. 

So yes, it’s a popular term right now but it fully describes how I believe you get to work when you strip back all the layers. 

I’m on a continuing evolution to understand this more and more but I know that this work is transformational. 
Dropping the have to’s and the should’s about what your life looks like and giving yourself the space to BE who you’re designed to be. 

✅ We will talk about the ‘work’ that’s required, we will get practical, but more than all of that the next 4 weeks of training in ‘Ease and Flow’ are designed to help you get back to the truth of it all. 

✨ Who are you designed to be and how do you trust that design?. 

✨ How do you rest and trust and stand in your purpose without the surrounding stress, when you’re a driven soul who always wants MORE?

✨ How do you build a business that allows you to be more YOU than you’ve ever been before?

I realised last night that this is possibly one of THE most transformational pieces of work that I have done in my life. 

The processing from:
masked > broken > resting > standing > expressing 

I am SO excited to share this learning with you. 

Honestly I can’t hardly wait!

There are 5 beautiful souls joining me so far to take this journey and I think you need to come along. 

We start on Friday and I would LOVE to have you with us.

It’s time to step into your purpose and embrace all the BEING that leads to your very own Ease and Flow. 
(Which btw, always leads to the other things you’re seeking - the dollars, impact and freedom to live how you please of course!) 


I'm So Excited For The Transformation You Can Step Into!


Y know how you go and get your car wheels aligned and if they're wonky they wreck your fuel efficiency, your tire tread and all that? (Ok, well I don't really know much about that but dad told me about it once so I guess it's true!)

Well, in business, it only takes one client who drives you bananas to make you feel like you've run off course and wear you down. 

I have become ruthless lately about who I will work with as new 1:1 clients. 
I would rather NOT take a client and have my peace of mind than take someone who is going to suck the life out of me and not make the changes in their life. 

But oh my, when you get it right and they're coming in the door exactly like you love them.. nothing beats that feeling. 
And this month they are rolling up like 'hey soul sister, I'm here!' 

I have clients that are 18, clients that are 48. 
I have clients who are male and clients who are female.
They're different nationalities and personalities. 
Some with no business and a good idea. 
Some with a business and they're all run out of ideas. 

Most of them are not really like me but you know what they all are?

🔥 Driven. 
🔥 Committed to growth. 
🔥 Looking for new horizons.

They're ready to live intentionally and design their lives to step into the new level of the money, impact and freedom they're dreaming of. 

Which I guess is exactly like me in those ways!. 

And guess what?
>> I'm really good at taking them there. 

I just had someone message today who jumped on a FREE laser coaching session we did over in my business group to tell me that one idea I came up with and we worked on during a 20-minute chat, has resulted in a SOLD OUT programme for her.

Guys thats $$ in her pocket but also it was such a highly aligned offer she put out that she LOVES doing it. 

So.. jump on this new offer of mine today if you're ready for some shifting and shaking. 

It's insanely priced but I'm feeling pumped about it and it feels like the whole new level of ease that I'm stepping into myself as well. 

I'm gonna have those low priced or high priced options, just so long as they're priced from my soul!!

2 more spaces for this were taken by midday today so get in quick. I've capped it and I'm NOT going over and opening it wider for this one. 

I'm so excited for the transformation you can step into!


Do One Thing Today That Moves Your Life Forward In The Direction You Want To Go 


If you have a dream, a plan, a goal, and someone tell's you it can’t be done... 

You need to make this hard and fast decision. 

>> Will you, or will you not entertain what they are saying and allow those words to sit in your subconscious?

I’m all for the fact that there is wisdom in having advisors, but there is a huge difference between going to someone with an open mind to ask for their input and someone just dumping their own projections onto you. 

Two very different things. 

When you go to someone to get feedback on what you’re doing, to get coaching, mentoring or some good old fashioned neighbourly advice, you should come away from that connection feeling like, even if you’ve changed your method slightly or things have adjusted a little, you are full of hope for the future.

VERY different to someone simply telling you it can’t be done and leaving it at that. 
No forward plan, no helpful extra advice, no belief in even the possibility. 

That is just them, bringing their own fears and views into play. 
YOU are the only one who can decide if those words and their fears become your truth. 
You get to decide if you believe that who you are is enough.
Yes, you might have things to learn but you are going to do it. 

That family who love you but get in the little digs about how somethings not going to work. 
- You choose if you’re going to take that on and make it your story. 

Those colleagues who tell you the market is saturated and you’ll never find your blue ocean. 
- You decide if you want that to be your reality. 

The voice from the past that lingers of how someone spoke to you growing up. 
- You choose if you’re going to allow that to continue to have power over you. 

Business is easy. You can google how to do things. 
What’s hard is sifting through the layers of stories and words in your head. 

But remember - YOU design your life. 
Start by choosing who you’re going to listen to.
Drown out those words by creating a practice of building yourself up. Whatever it takes for you. 
Journaling, meditation, prayer, exercise.

Start by making a plan that helps you live with ease and flow, comfortable with who you are. 
Let who you are, find a home in you. Leverage your strengths and make a plan that plays to your zone of genius. 

Start now. 
Seriously, just start. 
You’ve got to stop telling stories about why you haven’t done what you know needs to be done. 
If you don’t keep moving you will fulfil their prophecies. 

Choose to start. 
Do ONE thing today, that moves your life forward in the direction you want to go. 
Live intentionally, a life by design. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. 
You can do it with ease and flow. 
Start now. 


A Life By Design Is Possible

YOUR LIFE IS A PARADOX... Waiting for you and moving on regardless, so you better make some decisions about what you're gonna do with it. 

There’s a gnarly paradox that you can be at peace with where your life is right now, and still want more. 

That you can want to grow and BE a higher version of yourself and still let who you are find a home in you. 

You can live with kindness as your highest goal and not tolerate some people. 

That you can be opinionated and still open to learn.

Designing your life is about intention and action. 
Knowing what you want and simultaneously working from where and who you are now, into where and who you want to be. 

There are so many damn experts out there. 
I’m aware I probably sound like I want to be one. 

But really, I’m an addict. 
I’m addicted to seeing your transformation. 
I’m addicted to helping people like you, who are ready for their new thing, to get started on it. 
To lay aside the stories that hold them back and dive heard first into their own beautiful paradox. 

Truth is.. I’m not an expert on you. You are. 
But I can show you where I’ve been and what I’ve learnt.  
I can show you how possible it is to transform your life and redesign it. 

I can show you the big shifts that happened to take me from sick, stuck and frustrated, to living a life that I am more and more in love with everyday. 

One where I get to run a pumping business, build my dream house, fall back in love with my husband, explore the world, raise smart, creative kids and be more relaxed and at peace with who I am than ever before.

Is it perfect?. No. 
And anyone who tries to convince you that their life is needs a straight slap for lying. 
Because whatever level you’re living at, life happens and we all have stuff that doesn’t look Insta pretty. 

But a life by design is possible. 

Every day I think to myself, this life is a dream. 
It’s more than I ever knew it could be and there’s still more to come. 

It feels Wild. Expansive. Free. 
It feels like all the things I’ve dreamed about coming together. 
It feels like dancing cheek to cheek with purpose and destiny. 

If you’re open, it’s all there waiting. 
But time is moving by and only the brave will ever know. 

If you’re willing to step into the unknown, it’s possible.

It is a life by design and it’s waiting for you. 
Don't make it wait too long.