Back at the start, they told you getting to where you are now would be an uphill battle. 
They said you’d never make it. 
They laughed when you put yourself out there and they joked about you behind your back. 

And you? Well, you didn’t feel cool enough in the beginning really if you're honest about it. 
Unsure of why anyone would listen to you. Doubting what you have inside. Scared to show up. 

It hurt but still regardless EVERY DAY you showed up. 


And you know what happened when you showed up every day right?
You made new habits of thinking and now...
... well look at you now. 

You’re not the girl you used to be.

You’re the one laughing now. 
You’ve made the changes, committed to doing the work, defined your own success.  You bust the opinions right up.  Broke the mould. Challenged what they thought of you. Found your message. 

You fought those inner demons. You conquered self doubt.
You rose like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. 

But now… they think it’s a coincidence. Like some kind of fluke. 
They try to say you just got lucky but ....

You know every bit of success you’ve had started FIRST in your MIND. 

Sure you did the work but it was SO MUCH MORE. 

It was your daily practise. The woo woo bits that most people ignore.
You put yourself out there. You made a habit of expecting growth and progress. You got yourself aligned. You trained your thinking to go past what they all expected. Past what you even expected of yourself. 

BUT guess what wild one?

YOU STILL HAVEN"T TAPPED EVEN 10% of what’s waiting for you, and you can feel it. 

I don’t care if everyone thinks you're damn near Oprah status. 
There is SO MUCH MORE.

More money, more happiness, more love, more products, more travel, more connection, more influence and more YOU. 

Which makes it terrifying to realise how easy it would be to slip back into 'normal'.
To get all STATUS QUO. 

Oh sure it feels good to be where you are ... and you think it won’t happen to you. 
And being here, well, you’ve earned it right?!. 
You’ve ticked so many things off your list. 
You’re helping so many people with your message. 

But the fact is that your brain is just WAITING for you to get used to this new normal.

It’s hard wired to look for the path of least resistance. 
No matter how hard you push yourself and how big your success becomes. Your brain will DEFAULT to whatever it is that has become your normal. 

Everyday it’s picking up signals of what that ‘normal’ is for you. 
So you need to demand more of it NOW, before you ever get there. 

But you also ALREADY KNOW it’s not about what you DO. 

You know that every new thing you’ve had to tackle was always first about your MIND. You know it’s about how you think and the INTENTIONS you set. It’s about the CLARITY you have around what the FUTURE looks like. 

Here’s the truth though. 

For your brain to really grab a new reality that stops you from slipping back, while simultaneously keeping you fired up and fully in flow, you’re going to need a NEW STORY. 

A story that’s full of the true EMOTION and one that you can feel on such a level that there is NO QUESTION of it coming to life. 

It needs to be felt so strongly that deep calls out to deep. So that your heart and the world around you WORK TOGETHER in syncronocity to bring it to be. 

It has to feed your brain the detailed intuitive information that makes it work in the background EFFORTLESSLY to bring your new dream to life. 

And the words you have right now, they’re not gonna cut it. 
Not at a subconscious level. 

You need new words and new framing to build this highway in your mind. 
You need a fresh way of thinking about what’s possible and to really imagine how it’s going to be to live in that reality. 

Your mind is asking you every day for specifics: 
What now?
What else?
Tell me more?

It’s time to give it that super detailed and consistent picture of what the NEW FUTURE looks like for you.

The story of what your PERFECT DAY looks like in such details and with such feeling that you don’t have to DO anything.

You just release yourself into what is ALREADY WAITING for you. 

It’s time for a new story. Your Perfect Day Manifesto. 
The guided workbook helps you create your most effective visualisation story ever! 

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As a writer and a coach I have used my words for years to draw people into seeing the possibilities of their lives when lived fully awake and dreaming. 

Now I’m bringing some of my best work to you in an affordable, easy to use format. 

Here’s what these ladies have to say about working with me to create clarity around their next level lives. 

She pulled dreams, identity and self worth out of me that, even with all the self help books and other coaches, had never been tapped into before. It was almost like she knew the end result but she nudged me to go deeper and deeper until I discovered the treasure she already saw in me. …. My life has done a 180 since meeting her and I’m forever grateful for the impact she continues to have on my life.
— Jenna Kneale - Stylist, Nashville USA
It’s a personal manifesto for me that captured everything I had in my head and heart, and no idea how to put into words. Meg worked with me to fully understand the vision I have for my business and life and has created a perfect day in my future life. She is a word-smith with a talent for seeing the essence of someone, and then bringing it to life through words. I am over the moon with the magic that she has created and will treasure this confirmation of what is to come for me!
— Samantha Ebel Brown - Oiltribe, NZ

Your Perfect Day Manifesto - The Guided Workbook

A supercharged visualisation and mindset tool.

Gives you a process to find phrases and structures which you can make your own.
Because it uses words that are tailored to YOU the subconscious connection is strong and actionable for your mind. 

It helps you see and write YOUR story with more clarity, emotion and conviction which means you deeply visualise what success looks like for you. 

Pushes you to dig deeper, look further, be bigger. 

Gives you the ability to step into your greatness and new realms of success, happiness and wealth. 

Provides deeper clarity on your next level and the clearer you are on the destination, the more effortlessly your mind is going to map a path straight there. 

More than just journaling prompts, it draws out emotive words specific to you and your goals.

Helps you stay consistently on track with your hearts true desires. 

It works with you, wherever you’re at to get rid of the old stories that no longer serve you and give you new fresh exciting stories of success.