I remember feeling so much like I imagine you do right now. Bored, tired, over it and frustrated about my sex life and relationship.

Things looked good on the surface. Gorgeous family, great business, blah de blah blah... But still I felt like something was terribly wrong with me.

It took years of work, study, pain and seeking help to get to a place where I felt freedom about my sex life. It took sooo much time to understand how to genuinely communicate around my pain, pleasure and preferences with my husband and for so long I felt like I was broken. Like something was not normal.

What I came to learn is that actually, I wasn’t broken at all. (and in case you’re wondering, neither are you!)

I had grown up in christian environments and in purity culture where I had been taught to think about sex in ways that completely turned my body off. I lacked comprehensive sex education and was riddled with shame, (even though I’d done my best to stick to the rules I was given as a christian woman) and that shame was holding me back from embracing a free, healthy and beautifully embodied sexuality.

As I had found freedom I realised that I could no longer ignore the need for factual, shame free, honest conversations for christians and deconstructing christians about sex.

So I retrained as a coach with a specialty in sex and relationships, specialising in helping people recovering from the shame-based religious teachings of purity culture and the deconstruction of their faith. I'm trained in Clinical Sexology, Trauma Informed Care, as a Certified Advanced Sex and Relationship Coach and an Integrated Intimacy Practitioner.

I'm also a Protect Accredited Trainer (New Zealands leading protection and self defense agency) and for more than 14 years I've worked with clients to help them identify the behavioral and psychological signs of abuse and practical strategies for staying safe.

I work with mentors like Mark and Magali Peysha and Dr Tina Schermer Sellers among others, expanding my work with a creative, somatic and strength-based approach which means - We get down to the work in ways that are practical, work to shift how you feel in your body so you can be freer and feel more embodied, and we use the ways that YOU like to work, not some cookie-cutter approach to healing.

My clients can do things like:

  • Go from zero motivation and tears at the thought of having sex to loving it and having sex regularly.
  • Have deeper and more intimate conversations than ever before with their partners
  • Find time and space to embrace their own sensuality and capacity for pleasure.

Most of all, clients feel FREEDOM to embrace themselves - their bodies, their partners and their sexuality - shame free!  

Whatever brings you here today and wherever you’re at right now, I am so glad you’ve stopped by.

If you are looking for coaching in this area I’d love for you to book a free call where I’ll help you get clear on what you want and how to get there.

Or check out 'The Shame Free S*x Course' - a self-study course you can start anytime!


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