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This course is designed specifically for people who grew up or were young adults in the christian church.  

If you remember messages that told you if you had sex then you were like bubblegum, chewed too many times or sticky tape that had lost it's stickiness, you might just be in the right place. 

Have you ever...

  • Felt worried about wearing spaghetti strap singlets in case you caused boys to stumble?
  • Felt like your desire needs to be pushed down to stop you from lusting?
  • Felt ripped off that you played by the rules but never got the 'blessing' you were promised?
  • Felt like your sex life being less than average is your fault?

Then this is for you.

Those fears, and others like them can come from what we call purity culture and it's had some far reaching effects. So, whether you're currently a christian, deconstructing in some form or ex-faith, this course has been created especially for you.

It's time to release the shame and find your sexual freedom and confidence!

The Shame-free S*x Course is made for YOU and we are keeping it real all the way. 

It's practical, realistic, and designed to help you find freedom.

1. Designed with purity culture in mind 

If you grew up in a church or faith community, you might have some conflictings feelings about sex.

Chances are you've even got some thinking that leaves you feeling shame, frustration and even anger.

Everyone on the course is at a different spot,  from currently christian, progressive, deconstructing and ex faith but we're all here for having a better conversation around the topic of sex than what we were raised with.

2. Find YOUR kind of sexy

Feeling good about sex is not about looking or acting like an Instagram hottie.

Love getting dressed up for sex? Do it!

Can't be bothered shaving your legs beforehand? Then don't!

Either way is just fine. This course is made with real-life people in mind, who want to do sex their way. 

3. Based on proven principles of strength-based psychology

Which is really just a fancy way of saying - this course is about finding the ways you work best and applying that wisdom to the topic of sex and relationships.

We're not digging deep into traumas and making you feel awful. This is all about where you are now, where you want to be and how you're going to get there in ways that are powerful, full of agency and feel beautifully able to be embodied. 

Let's find your baddest, brightest, best self and let them OUT!!

4. Work at the speed YOU are comfortable with

Talking about sex can feel awkward sometimes, even overwhelming for some of us. 

Honestly, that's why I named this The Shame-free S*x Course. (Anybody else seen that episode of Miranda where she can't bring herself to say the word SEX? I luuurved it and laughed my ass off!)

Anyway, I get it and that's why The Shame-free S*x Course is designed for you to move at a pace that works for you right now. You can also take a breather if you need to at any point and let that nervous system regulate. 

What will I get?

1. Transformative Training

The Shame-free S*x course in an easy-to-follow format that works with you where you're at right now to create a unique path to freedom. You can login anytime and access the weekly lessons. These are audio lessons so you can listen on the go plus there are written lesson guides as well and practical tools to help you apply what you're learning. Every week you'll get new content to listen to and exercises to choose from which help you apply the learning.

2. Support for your questions

While this is a self-study course, I'm also committed to making sure that if you're working on this content, you've got some backup if things get rough. I'm right here for you throughout the course to ask questions and I love it when people share their thoughts and progress with me. You're welcome to message me and let me know how you're going and I'll reply directly.

3. Optional LIVE Group or Personal Coaching

Join in with 12x weekly live group coaching sessions and get your questions answered!

Be as visible or anonymous as you like. 

Participate in group discussions to learn from others' perspectives and experiences.

Being part of a group can really provide accountability and motivation to keep up with the coursework and stay on track.

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Hi, I'm Meg Cowan

I remember feeling so much like I imagine you do right now.
  • Bored, tired, over it and frustrated about my sex life and relationship.
  • Like I was the messed up and broken one.
  • Upset that I'd done by best to play to the rules and been ripped off.
  • Ashamed that I'd not stayed as pure as I was told to and like maybe a broken sex life was my punishment.

It took yeeeears of work, study, pain and seeking help to get to a place where I felt freedom about my sex life and for so long I felt like I was broken. Like something was not normal. 

What I ended up learning is that actually, I wasn’t broken at all, and in case you’re wondering, neither are you!

Growing up in christian environments and purity culture we're often taught to think about sex in ways that completely turn our bodies off. Full shutdown mode.

I didn't want to see anyone else struggle to find the answers like I did, so I devoted myself to study, re-training as a coach and being mentored along the way by incredible people like Mark and Magli Peysha and Dr Tina Schermer Sellers.

I've been 1:1 coaching for years now on this topic and this course is where I get to bring together the most transformative practices that help people just like you to find sexual freedom and confidence, with a side of wild!

I’ve learned a bunch about what works and what doesn’t, and I can't wait to share that with YOU!

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You've got to know to understand

It's not enough to read about healthy sexuality or ways to feel turned on, you actually have to know how to find that wisdom in your body. 

It's the embodied truth that really transforms us.

  • Knowing and feeling that we are safe in our bodies.
  • Reclaiming our agency.
  • Feeling like our sexuality is an integrated part of our lives. 

When you've spent a lifetime suppressing your sexual self, it takes practice to learn how to come back to your body. 

Getting the right help

The church is not having the conversations about sex well enough yet, so if you're in church, just speaking to your pastor of leader is probably not going to help. 

A three-part Sunday series on sex is never going to equip you for the nuance and realities of sexuality. 

  • It doesn't work to teach that sex is forbidden and then expect people to flick the switch into pleasure one magical wedding day....
  • It doesn't work to give advice like 'take one for the team'. *cue vomit emoji šŸ¤¢
  • It doesn't work to deny your body and intuition and more often than not it leads to resentment.

Whether you're currently in church or not, we need to examine the ways that those spaces have contributed to how we feel about sex, and crack the code on how to do better. 

Discover what is right for YOU

When you model your choices after what someone says you have to do, you're less likely to feel empowered about your decisions.

There is no one right way to create a healthy sexual ethic.

  • It's super important to unpack this process for yourself, in a low-pressure space, to help you create a sexual ethic you actually want to embody.
  • You need to explore the beliefs you hold true, the comprehensive sex education you need and the relational dynamics you value.  

A healthy sexual ethic that you have thought about and figured out  for yourself, taking in all the important factors beats a book of rules any day. 

To create a bangin' sex life you actually have to find the truth for yourself. Why?

There is a big difference between talking about sex and actually embodying sexual freedom.

People who find real expression and confidence around sex know that they need to establish personal agency - meaning, they get that they are fully able to choose what happens with their body.  I want to help you understand what that might look like for you and give yourself permission to own it.

Everyone has a personal preference and opinion about sex. 

What's good for one, may not be for another.  This is why you need to be able to identify how YOU want to approach sex. Most of the ways christians are taught about sex are black and white, with implied good and bad feeling toward sex or certain sexual acts. You need to discover for yourself what is in integrity for you and your relationship.

Most christian teaching about sex misses the mark and leaves out essential information. 

It's missing critical elements that have to be considered for healthy relational dynamics and wellbeing such as agency, effective communication and relational passion patterns. It's messy and it ain't right so we've got to find a way to hit the spot for YOU.

4 things YOU will be able to do when you find your new freedom!

1. You'll be able to speak up confidently about sex.

Instead of talking about your pain, pleasure or preferences awkwardly in the moment, you will learn how to speak confidently and know how to initiate and engage in a conversation about sex.

You'll know how to do it in ways that respect yourself and the person you're speaking with, whenever the conversation needs to happen. 

I’ll show you how to calm your nerves and identify the best time and place for you and your partner to have these important conversations. You'll figure out how to narrow down the parts of sexual communication that you're struggling with, so you can confidently speak with your partner, doctor or even kids about sex!

2. You will be able to own your own story.

Making peace with your past and the beliefs about sex that you've internalised is not always easy. You have to see for yourself the parts you want to hold onto and which ones need to go to make space for freedom. 

I’ll show you easy ways you can observe your own story, to make sure you feeling empowered moving forward. When you can see your story with compassion for who you were at that time, you're more able to move into a space of healing.

The research on shame tells us that if we can shine the light of awareness on what was, we're better able to trim the neural pathways that keep us stuck in the stories that hold us back and we can then break free of them. 

3. You'll be able to notice what you really like.

Whether it's general likes, preferences, kinks, fantasies,  or positions – it’s about knowing you can identify what feels good in your body and soul.

I’ll walk you through various exercises and give you tools that will help you examine the ways you feel pleasure in your body, even if you think you don’t like sex right now!. We’ll identify the ways your body is letting you in on the truth and explore how you can amplify that pleasure and desire.

A person who can notice pleasure is better able to expand their experience of sexual freedom.

4. You'll know how to get it!

We are overloaded with sources telling us that we should be sexier, look hotter, stay young and buy the latest gadget to keep our partners sexually satisfied and it's robbing us of genuine pleasure. 

Instead, you can learn how to know what pleases you and access that pleasure in your body. 

Sex is not supposed to be about how good it looks or ticking some prescriptive box. It's about the pleasure of the people having the sex!

Think you're not ready?

That is genuinely OK. I want you to know this work is for when you and your body are ready.

I will not tell you that you're running out of time to buy this course. Maybe just reading this page is helping you realise that your journey to freedom and confidence with sex is possible and that's what you need right now. 

I believe you will be able to heal, with or without this course.  But if you think it would be helpful to you to have some tools and support for the journey, I would love to welcome you in.

This is what you'll have access to

On-Demand Learning Modules
Audio Lessons for on-the-go
Practical skill-building exercises
Mind & Body integration tools
Content you can use immediately

And here are the topics we'll cover

(Click on a topic to read an overview)

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The Shame Free Sex Course


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Better sex. Freedom from shame, and tools to wildly improve your relationship!

  • Lifetime Access to the 'Shame Free Sex Course'
  • Designed for people who grew up in, or were young adults in the Christian Church (regardless of what you believe now).
  • 12 Learning Modules
  • Audio lessons for on-the-go listening
  • Practical skill-building exercises
  • Mind & body integration tools
  • Study at your own pace
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The Course + Group Coaching


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Everything in the Shame Free Sex Course, plus 12 weeks of live group coaching sessions. 

  • Lifetime Access to the 'Shame Free Sex Course'
  • 12x weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Ask questions and get personalized feedback
  • Participate in group discussions to learn from others' perspectives and experiences
  • Practical skill-building exercises
  • Mind & body integration tools
  • Motivation and accountability: Being part of a group can provide motivation and accountability to keep up with the coursework and stay on track.
3x monthly payments of $199


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The Course + Personalised 1:1 Coaching & Support

Personalized 1:1 Coaching and Support to fast-track you to the sex life you desire!

  • Lifetime Access to the 'Shame Free Sex Course'
  • 10x completely personalized 90-minute sessions via Zoom, where we dive deep to personally take you into the freedom you're desiring!
  • 12 weeks of dedicated access to me between sessions via a private whatsapp channel - ask anything you like and get support as you go so you're never left to figure things out alone!

  • You're also welcome to join the weekly group coaching sessions

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